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Guestbook Entry #1400
Visitor Name:Pieternel van Aspert
You Are From:Silvolde, NL
Your Comments:Moooooooi hoor, past goed bij de internationale vrouwendag vandaag!

Guestbook Entry #1399
Visitor Name:Phyllis Phillips
You Are From:San Francisco, USA
Your Comments:I LOVE YOUR WORK! You are a wonderfully GREAT Artist! Absolutely AMAZING!! Please get published so I can buy your book!

Guestbook Entry #1398
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Israel
Your Comments:Complimenten!!!

Guestbook Entry #1397
Visitor Name:Mike
You Are From:Los Angeles, USA

Guestbook Entry #1396
Visitor Name:Itzik
Your Comments:Yafe meod

Guestbook Entry #1395
Visitor Name:Mike
You Are From:Burlington, USA
Your Comments:I left a fan; loved your body art; wonderful work. Thank you! see my point and shoot snap photos at

Guestbook Entry #1394
Visitor Name:C.Winter
You Are From:Barendrecht, Nederland
Your Comments:I just looked at your book. I think its very special and I like it.

Guestbook Entry #1393
Visitor Name:John
You Are From:Veldhoven, Netherlands
Your Comments:Hello Amit, Your latest body-paintings are just incredible! I was visiting your site to check on your next workshop when I noticed your latest art work. Just a few words to share my feelings. Cheers, John

Guestbook Entry #1392
Visitor Name:Bea Wassen
You Are From:Timr, Sweden
Your Comments:Tyvrr lr du inte kunna lsa mina svenska rader, men jag har tittat p en del av dina foton och movies. Tack fr njet / Be

Guestbook Entry #1391
Visitor Name:joe fahy
You Are From:co galway roi
Your Comments:im just admiring your stunning female models and they are beutifull to view thanks once again best regards from west of ireland

Guestbook Entry #1390
Visitor Name:Richard Bingham
You Are From:Edinburgh, Scotland
Your Comments:The body paintings are very imaginative and beautifully executed. Well done!

Guestbook Entry #1389
Visitor Name:Marina
You Are From:Ede
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, Ik volg je werk nog steeds, echt prachtig! Binnenkort ga ik zelf beginnen met natuurfotografie. Dus pas maar op voor de concurrentie! Hartelijke groet van Marina uit Ede

Guestbook Entry #1388
Visitor Name:Krakowinski Dagmara
You Are From:maasmechelen, Belgie
Your Comments:Hey Ik vind je werken machtig!! Knap,stuk per stuk,ieder in zijn vorm! Chapeau ;-)

Guestbook Entry #1387
Visitor Name:Abbas Ali
You Are From:Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
Your Comments:Nice Work Sir....:-)

Guestbook Entry #1386
Visitor Name:Rob Meijer
You Are From:Heverlee, Belgie
Your Comments:Ik volg u al jaren en deze website is toch wel veel beter... Vooral de ontwerpen van de paints zijn zeer origineel. Afwerking is niet Seebodennivo maar U bent meer een fotograaf. Jammer van de kleine afmetingen van de pcis, dat laat een goede beoordeling achterwege. Zou eens graag toch willen babbelen omdat ik wel de drive herken. Mvg. Rob

Guestbook Entry #1385
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Israel
Your Comments:WELL DONE!!!

Guestbook Entry #1384
Visitor Name:Daniel de Culla
You Are From:North Hollywood, Ca
Your Comments:I enjoy You and yrs so much. Kisses and blessed Be

Guestbook Entry #1383
Visitor Name:subbu
You Are From:chennai, tamilnadu, India
Your Comments:like to see

Guestbook Entry #1382
Visitor Name:michal
You Are From:haifa, israel
Your Comments:i love your body paintings recent pictures 'and all your photographs in all subjects it has much humanity and strength. i enjoy looking every time you send this mail/ shana tova

Guestbook Entry #1381
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well Done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1380
Visitor Name:ralph
You Are From:City: sactmento, calif
Your Comments:hello how things.

Guestbook Entry #1379
Visitor Name:peter watling jp135237
You Are From:sydney, australia

Guestbook Entry #1378
Visitor Name:Itzik
Your Comments:WELL DONE!!!

Guestbook Entry #1377
Visitor Name:Alfredo
You Are From:Rome, Italy

Guestbook Entry #1376
Visitor Name:Ronald
You Are From:Pittsburgh, USA

Guestbook Entry #1375
Visitor Name:john videler
You Are From:westport, united States
Your Comments:I really like your work, it motivates me.

Guestbook Entry #1374
Visitor Name:Joost Remeeus
You Are From:Emst, Nederland
Your Comments:Dank weer voor de mooie toezending. Het naakt met de poezen en de hond : :FANTASTISCH : veel dank er voor. Vriendelijke groeten, Joost Remeeus.

Guestbook Entry #1373
Visitor Name:itzik Yariv-Pasternak
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1372
Visitor Name:David
You Are From:Colbert, USA
Your Comments:Great work. Your nudes are very artistic

Guestbook Entry #1371
Visitor Name:saleh
You Are From:aden, aden

Guestbook Entry #1370
Visitor Name:Norbert
You Are From:Assendelft, Netherlands
Your Comments:Dear mr. Bar, I realy learned a lot during your workshop on the 17th of November 2009. The model was great, the way you give workshops is truely worth evertything. Toda!! Hope to follow another workshop soon. Best regards, Norbert Brussel

Guestbook Entry #1369
Visitor Name:alan
You Are From:tel-aviv, israel
Your Comments:wow ... indeed creative, artistic and simply put, wonderful ...

Guestbook Entry #1368
Visitor Name:itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1367
Visitor Name:Ken Kaissar
You Are From:Philadelphia, United States
Your Comments:Hi Amit: Your pictures are beautiful. I love perusing your galleries. I find them inspirational for my own work. I am a playwright. I am also Israeli. I was born in Ramat Gan, but have lived in the United States all my life. I write about Israel a lot. Perhaps we can work together sometime. Best, Ken

Guestbook Entry #1366
Visitor Name:Jo Best
You Are From:Bethel, VT USA
Your Comments:I've always enjoyed your wondeful photos and artistic works, but I lost touch with this site for a while. Thanks for sending again.

Guestbook Entry #1365
Visitor Name:Dirk Thomas
You Are From:Kerkrade Oostelijke Mijnstreek, Nederland
Your Comments:Amit, was blij dat je me weer een bericht stuurde over je nieuwe werk. Ben nog steeds onder de indruk van je geweldig mooi werk. Mijn compliment daarvoor. Baie groet ga zo door.

Guestbook Entry #1364
Visitor Name:Steve Barylick
You Are From:Cambridge, MA USA
Your Comments:Your imagery and creativity are exquisite.

Guestbook Entry #1363
Visitor Name:vijay acharya
You Are From:ahmedabad, india
Your Comments:nice photograph

Guestbook Entry #1362
Visitor Name:patrick
You Are From:mlaga, spanje
Your Comments:ik heb genoten van de schitterende naaktfotos! heel natuurlijk en echt! GEWELDIGE fotos!

Guestbook Entry #1361
Visitor Name:alon
You Are From:tel aviv, israel
Your Comments:exceptional! happy holidays

Guestbook Entry #1360

Guestbook Entry #1359
Visitor Name:james
You Are From:yuba city,ca usa
Your Comments:Very nice work, loved your subjects. Great site, thanks..

Guestbook Entry #1358
Visitor Name:Hans Drion
You Are From:oostzaan, Ned.
Your Comments:bodypaint. Ode aan het model ze draagt de beschilderingen geweldig. Ze is de belichaming van de symbolen.

Guestbook Entry #1357
Visitor Name:George Cabig
You Are From:Binan, Philippines
Your Comments:I like your art work

Guestbook Entry #1356
Visitor Name:jolanda van eck
You Are From:emmerich, duitsland
Your Comments:u heeft hele mooie foto's schilderijen tekeningen etc. op uw site staan mij bewondering en complimenten hiervoor

Guestbook Entry #1355
Visitor Name:Jan
You Are From:Zwolle, Nederland
Your Comments:Wat een prachtige bodypaintfoto's!

Guestbook Entry #1354
Visitor Name:Jan van Drongelen
You Are From:Almelo, Nederland
Your Comments:Mooie foto's!! Als ik in mineur ben ga ik graag even op uw website foto's kijken. Kris kras! Het helpt! SUCCES! Jan.

Guestbook Entry #1353
Visitor Name:allan
You Are From:Wellington, New Zealand
Your Comments:Interesting site.

Guestbook Entry #1352
Visitor Name:Frank
You Are From:Genoa, Italy
Your Comments:I'm an Italian photographer involved into polaroid-fuji photo transfer. I like your very nice site. Thanks Please visit my site at:

Guestbook Entry #1351
Visitor Name:Cap'n. John M. Nielsen
You Are From:Statesville, N.C. 28677 U.S. of A.
Your Comments:I'm still not through all your stuff but I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen so far (the Dutch girls gave me a good chuckle!) Good Stuff, Mr. Amit Bar. I may get back to you later with more; we are of similar aesthetic artistics! Thank You muchly, Cap'n. J.M.N.Sail/Art

Guestbook Entry #1350
Visitor Name:Zuleika
You Are From:Manteca, United States
Your Comments:Your art work is amazing. I especially love the drawings and photo-collages.

Guestbook Entry #1349
Visitor Name:bebeto
You Are From:Milan, Italy
Your Comments:Very good site. Please visit me at

Guestbook Entry #1348
Visitor Name:Daan
You Are From:Uden
Your Comments:Ik dacht dat ik je eerder heb gezien op of vergis ik me? Mooi werk! Kan er nog van leren.

Guestbook Entry #1347
Visitor Name:R
You Are From:Austin, USA
Your Comments:Your body painting is amazing.

Guestbook Entry #1346
Visitor Name:James Barr
You Are From:Thibodaux, LA USA
Your Comments:Very nice gallery. Website is simple and pleasant. Thank you.

Guestbook Entry #1345
Visitor Name:AABHINAV
You Are From:Delhi, India
Your Comments:Fine, nice photografy, i think, u also improve my way thinking, nice sir bye tc.

Guestbook Entry #1344
Visitor Name:Peter Starrenburg
You Are From:Apeldoorn, Nederland
Your Comments:Beste Amit bar, Het zijn hele mooie foto's van bodypaint mijn complimenten. Ook van de naaktfoto's je hebt er weer een hoop werk aan besteed. ik heb mijn website nu ook ze wat klaar waar ook jou website link op sta.

Guestbook Entry #1343
Visitor Name:maks
You Are From:socny, russia
Your Comments:hi

Guestbook Entry #1342
Visitor Name:C. Lemmens
You Are From:kampenhout, Belgi
Your Comments:Ik heb de foto's bekeken. Vooral de naaktfoto's. Zeer mooi ! Zo'n foto's zou ik ook wel van mezelf willen ! Groetjes, Chantal

Guestbook Entry #1341
Visitor Name:Marcel Wiegerinck
You Are From:Mierlo, Nederland
Your Comments:Ziet er goed uit mijn complimenten. Marcel.

Guestbook Entry #1340
Visitor Name:Mark
You Are From:Anaheim, USA
Your Comments:You, ladies are BEAUTIFUL!! I wish you were closer to me!

Guestbook Entry #1339
Visitor Name:tom
You Are From:NY, USA
Your Comments:fascinating work. you have genius in the inovation of ideas, but also in the humorous and human way you treat people. the cello player with curious cows & and the very fat very fun dancer are two favorites.

Guestbook Entry #1338
Visitor Name:mariano
You Are From:adeje, tenerife
Your Comments:BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!! SUPER...

Guestbook Entry #1337
Visitor Name:HAMINO
You Are From:Padang, Indonesia
Your Comments:salut..

Guestbook Entry #1336
Visitor Name:badshah
You Are From:karachi, pakistan
Your Comments:Fune and Photography is the best web site thank you

Guestbook Entry #1335
Visitor Name:Doc
You Are From:Somerset, England
Your Comments:Hi I'm a photographer from the uk & have just found your site, its Delightful - Nice work. Doc

Guestbook Entry #1334
Visitor Name:saleem
You Are From:karachi, pakistan

Guestbook Entry #1333
Visitor Name:Dirk - Thomas de Boer
You Are From:Kerkrade, oostelijk limburg
Your Comments:super mooie winter fotoos, deze opnames zullen steeds zeldzamer gaan worden, fijn dat je ze hebt vast gelegd voor het nageslacht.

Guestbook Entry #1332
Visitor Name:Mark Primavera
You Are From:Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Your Comments:Very interesting work Amit! Keep shooting and have fun!!

Guestbook Entry #1331
Visitor Name:Lakshmanan M
You Are From:Chennai, India
Your Comments:Your sketches on female anatomy is superb. I know a little sketching and your sketches will improve me. I have downloaded lot of your sketches. You are in Netherlands and I in India. We can only meet through E-mail. I cant afford to purchase your work as I come from not so rich background. Your sketches enthuse me to draw more. Your friendly, M.Lakshmanan, India.

Guestbook Entry #1330
Visitor Name:Stelios Baklavas
You Are From:Athens, Greece
Your Comments:I am photographer from Athens, Greece & Chania/Creete(Greece) Your photos very-very fine art work...Bravo,Bravo. Please take a look at my art website Thank you very mach

Guestbook Entry #1329
Visitor Name:Lon Williams
You Are From:Illinois, USA
Your Comments:Your photographic vision is phenominal. Your God given talent for capturing natural beauty is a nice break from many traditional viewpoints. The comfort and natural love portrayed in your nudes is unmatched, except by the creator himself. You are able to capture his intent vividly.

Guestbook Entry #1328
Visitor Name:Vicentiu Dinovici
You Are From:toronto, Canada
Your Comments:interesting. good work.

Guestbook Entry #1327
Visitor Name:Charles Christopher
You Are From:Columbia, MO U.S.A.
Your Comments:I'm quite impressed with your work. Columbia College runs a contest every year named "Paper in Particular," if you are interested in entering I would be happy to forward the info to you. First Place, if I'm remembering correctly, prize is a one-person show at the Sid Larson Gallery on Campus.

Guestbook Entry #1326
Visitor Name:szostak
You Are From:duesseldorf, germany
Your Comments:suuuuuper!!!

Guestbook Entry #1325
Visitor Name:Uri Kadmon
You Are From:ISRAEL
Your Comments: . . ...

Guestbook Entry #1324
Visitor Name:Anne Marie
You Are From:Holland
Your Comments:hello, very nice gallery. Awesome works. Best wishes Anna Maria

Guestbook Entry #1323
Visitor Name:srinivsan.r
You Are From:chennai, india

Guestbook Entry #1322
Visitor Name:jim
You Are From:Clearwater, USA
Your Comments:great photographs

Guestbook Entry #1321
Visitor Name:Stephen L. Waisberg
You Are From:Toronto, Canada
Your Comments:Your artistic vision displayed in photographs of the human body and the human condition are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for letting me see this work.

Guestbook Entry #1320
Visitor Name:Ettore Maria Bar
You Are From:Milano, Italy
Your Comments:Probably best body paintings around whole Europe.

Guestbook Entry #1319
Visitor Name:hans
Your Comments:wat en geweldige foto's.als ik een mooi mens was. had ik het ook zo gedaan. heb helaas een nogal lelijke huid. anders had ik jou gekozen voor een aantal plaatjes ........

Guestbook Entry #1318
Visitor Name:Sean O'Brien
You Are From:Wilmington, USA
Your Comments:Finally! Someone who does family nude photography! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. It is so refreshing to see parents with their children (especially older kids) posing in plain, natural nudity. This would shock the vast majority of Americans, but then again Americans are the most immature people on the planet when it comes to nudity. Thanks and I will share your photography with friends and family. I belong to Illinois' only nudist club and I am sure the members would love these photos. Once I put the money together I may even purchase one. I hope to have a wife and kids one day soon, and I plan on having some nude portraits of us hanging throughout out home. Thanks again for something new.

Guestbook Entry #1317
Visitor Name:Lygia
You Are From:Nederlandse antilles, ST.Maarten N.A
Your Comments:I really like your work, and i'm planning on getting started in photography, i love taking photo's of nature or anything having to do with nature!!! Hmmmm..i might come holland to start out!!! Bye for now!!! "L"

Guestbook Entry #1316
Visitor Name:James
You Are From:Macon, Georgia USA
Your Comments:I just came across your site today and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I just wanted to say hello.

Guestbook Entry #1315
Visitor Name:Andrew
You Are From:Essex, United Kingdom
Your Comments:beautiful landscape & nature photography

Guestbook Entry #1314
Visitor Name:Barr Amit
You Are From:Ein Hamifratz, Israel
Your Comments:Comments: ... . , . , . :)

Guestbook Entry #1313
Visitor Name:paolo
You Are From:milano, italia
Your Comments:simply the best

Guestbook Entry #1312
Visitor Name:Dean
You Are From:Calgary, Canada
Your Comments:Excellent models!! Keep up your good work.

Guestbook Entry #1311
Visitor Name:Barr Amit
You Are From:Ein Hamifratz, Israel
Your Comments: ! .

Guestbook Entry #1310
Visitor Name:Yann
You Are From:Nice, France
Your Comments:Certaines photos sont surprenantes et vraiment bien penses. bravo.

Guestbook Entry #1309
Visitor Name:Erik
You Are From:York, PA
Your Comments:you have some really interesting photographs. did you find it hard to get models when you first started taking nudes?

Guestbook Entry #1308
Visitor Name:Liz
You Are From:Cary, NC USA
Your Comments:Interesting compositions with body paint.

Guestbook Entry #1307
Visitor Name:???? ?????
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments: ????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ???, ????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???. ???? ???????

Guestbook Entry #1306
Visitor Name:MeRy
You Are From:Breda, NL
Your Comments:Hi Amit, leuk je site weer eens te bekijken, je bent cht goed bezig h ;-) Greetz vanuit Breda, MeRy (

Guestbook Entry #1305
Visitor Name:Fred
You Are From:Towson, USA
Your Comments:Your photographs of nude families are perfect. It shows how natural we are.

Guestbook Entry #1304
Visitor Name:Caryl
You Are From:Gauteng, South Africa
Your Comments:What an awesome website, well done. I have enjoyed this sunday afternoon!

Guestbook Entry #1303
Visitor Name:GARY
You Are From:Fairhope Alabama, United States
Your Comments:Beautiful work and very inforative.

Guestbook Entry #1302
Visitor Name:Jorge Menares Moreira
You Are From:Putaendo, Chile
Your Comments:Hermosas fotografas, la luz, la composicin, los paisajes y el entorno son realmente hermosas, mis ms sinceras felicitaciones. soy fotgrafo aficionado

Guestbook Entry #1301
Visitor Name:Sven Frkjr-Jensen
You Are From:Slagelse, Denmark
Your Comments:Dear Mr. Amit Bar I just find you photos very good. As a painter and drawing artist I look for the expression and movements that you too are working with. thank you very much for looking. You can find my art on yours sincerely Sven

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