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Guestbook Entry #1200
Visitor Name:Brian
You Are From:Winnipeg, Canada
Your Comments:Enjoyed your pictures! Very Good!!!

Guestbook Entry #1199
Visitor Name:latrivia
You Are From:dumas, united states
Your Comments:great work

Guestbook Entry #1198
Visitor Name:Dave
You Are From:Edinburgh, Scotland
Your Comments:The drawings show excellent hand/eye co-ordination & a creative eye. Painted bodies take a bit of getting used to but like them, must be hard work.

Guestbook Entry #1197
Visitor Name:Cris Reeves-Jones
You Are From:San Cipriano, Italy
Your Comments:Beautiful collection. 279 was stunning.

Guestbook Entry #1196
Visitor Name:Albert klär
You Are From:Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Your Comments:Sehr schöne seite ! Ich suche auch immer modelle Typ Hamilton Models. Gruss albert

Guestbook Entry #1195
Visitor Name:Juan Torres
You Are From:Yakima, WA US
Your Comments:Amit Bar, you never seem to run out of outstanding ideas, keep up the great work.

Guestbook Entry #1194
Visitor Name:Nir Shachar
You Are From:Haifa, Israel
Your Comments:A M A Z I N G !!!

Guestbook Entry #1193
Visitor Name:kalyamon
You Are From:chingmai, thailand
Your Comments:your nudes is good and interesting

Guestbook Entry #1192
Visitor Name:alofrom
You Are From:modiin, Israel
Your Comments:fascinating... absolutely extraordinary imagination, creativity and taste in taking nude photos artisticly

Guestbook Entry #1191
Visitor Name:joost
You Are From:Emst (bij Epe), Holland
Your Comments:prachtige foto's. mooi werk bij de boddy paintings .Groet , Joost.

Guestbook Entry #1190
Visitor Name:Nesoj
You Are From:Dubai, UAE
Your Comments:Very impressive

Guestbook Entry #1189
Visitor Name:shantanu
You Are From:agra, india

Guestbook Entry #1188
Visitor Name:Robert Nighswander
You Are From:Coldwater, USA

Guestbook Entry #1187
Visitor Name:Adriana C Verkaik
You Are From:Heerlen, Nederland
Your Comments:Beste Amit, Weer een prachtige site, die mij als amateurfotografe weer nieuwe impulsen geeft. Hartelijk dank! En veel nieuwe inspiratie! Hart.groet Adri

Guestbook Entry #1186
Visitor Name:Jayendra Meena
You Are From:Jaipur, India
Your Comments:Sir, Your collections is more than great, only few have this creative mind. u r one of them

Guestbook Entry #1185
Visitor Name:raj
You Are From:mumbai, india
Your Comments:it is really a fine site

Guestbook Entry #1184
Visitor Name:Piet-Heyn Sluijter
You Are From:Doetinchem, holland
Your Comments:Dear Amit, Thanks for your time "under the bridge." It was very interesting to see you performance as a body painter. The short interview gave us a good impression of your fascination for art. Keep on going the good work! Piet-Heyn (member of the TV-crew)

Guestbook Entry #1183
Visitor Name:andrea
You Are From:columbus, usa
Your Comments:this an great web site keep up the good job.

Guestbook Entry #1182
Visitor Name:ruwanx1977
You Are From:colombo, sir lanka
Your Comments:i like to this sabjekt

Guestbook Entry #1181
Visitor Name:Guy
You Are From:Fort Worth, TX USA
Your Comments:Very moving portraits. Love the family groupings, as well. VERY impressive - thanks!

Guestbook Entry #1180
Visitor Name:joost
You Are From:heeze, holland
Your Comments:col ha kawot al ha tsielum ha ze. heeel goed en knap verry niche. lehitharot we shalom joost a van krimpen

Guestbook Entry #1179
Visitor Name:antoon
You Are From:Leuven, Belgie
Your Comments:Prachtig werk!

Guestbook Entry #1178
Visitor Name:Wynne Davies
You Are From:UK Wales
Your Comments:Hi, I was just neighborhood and found your site. I wanted to compliment you on your work. I myself do photography and found what you have done is very inspiring. I will be going to iceland soon so hope to have a nice collection of my adventures to add to my site

Guestbook Entry #1177
Visitor Name:Tom van Ewijck
You Are From:Aguas de Santa Barbara, Brazil
Your Comments:Beautifull work

Guestbook Entry #1176
Visitor Name:hadipranoto
You Are From:cimahi, jabar
Your Comments:excellent!

Guestbook Entry #1175
Visitor Name:Joyce
You Are From:Hellevoetsluis, Holland
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, Ik vond het erg leuk voor je te poseren! De bodypaint was het stilstaan waard! Groetjes Joyce

Guestbook Entry #1174
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Yafe meod!!!

Guestbook Entry #1173
Visitor Name:Richard Greyson
You Are From:USA
Your Comments:I was highly impressed by your work. Your prortraits and nudes are wonderful in the way you have been able to capture the emotion and intimacy of the models. I also enjoy your body paintings for their bold use of design contrasting with the soft curves of the models. I especially liked the two models side by side, one with curved design, the other with angular design. It would be interesting to see body painting on a pregnant model and how you would use that surface to convey your ideas. Thank You. I will look forward to returning to the site to see new additions. Richard Greyson

Guestbook Entry #1172
Visitor Name:Tom
You Are From:Zeist, The Netherlands
Your Comments:Hello, my compliments for your nice webite! Please come see my website and photos sometime? Best regards from Tom.

Guestbook Entry #1171
Visitor Name:Michael U Johansson
You Are From:Lund, Sweden
Your Comments:Very nice site.It was a pleasure to navigate it. I realy like your artwork. Keep up the good work. Would you like to exchange bannerlink with me? If so, contact me. Please visit me at

Guestbook Entry #1170
Visitor Name:Michael Ondusko
You Are From:Oxford, Michigan USA
Your Comments:Your site is fantastic. Your work is amazing. There is so much to see... I've spent a long time, and each time I come back, I find a new jewel.

Guestbook Entry #1169
Visitor Name:Alwin, Marije en Pelle
You Are From:Roelofarendsveen, Nederland
Your Comments:Hoi Amit, Vorige week stonden de foto`s in naturisme. We hebben een hoop positieve reacties gehad. Verder gaat alles goed met ons. Net verhuisd en ons tweede kindje is op komst. De fotosessie is zeker voor herhaling vatbaar als we straks met z`n vieren zijn !! Groetjes: Alwin, Marije en Pell

Guestbook Entry #1168
Visitor Name:Richard Spehr
You Are From:Largo, Florida United States of America
Your Comments:As always, beautiful art & Amit Bar.

Guestbook Entry #1167
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Ale ve hatzlach!!!

Guestbook Entry #1166
Visitor Name:Abe Perea
You Are From:City: Reno, NV US
Your Comments:I like your work, very nice.

Guestbook Entry #1165
Visitor Name:nash
You Are From:Bombay, India
Your Comments:Felt very good after watching your photographs

Guestbook Entry #1164
Visitor Name:roy schwaiger

Guestbook Entry #1163
Visitor Name:Michael U Johansson
You Are From:Lund, Sweden
Your Comments:Lovely and excellent work. I like your art very much. It is a inspiration for me in my own artistic work. Would you like to switch bannerlink with me? Contact me if you are interested. Please visit me at

Guestbook Entry #1162
Visitor Name:EDDY ART
You Are From:cologne, germany
Your Comments:greet from Germany sends you a hobby photographer radix complement still to yours work

Guestbook Entry #1161
Visitor Name:Joyce
You Are From:Philadelphia, USA
Your Comments:I have been modeling nude for about two years. I love it! It was nice to find your website

Guestbook Entry #1160
Visitor Name:jack housman
You Are From:Franklin, NJ USA
Your Comments:Beautiful work!!!!!!!! Thank you for including some pictures of heavier, and middle aged people. My wife will be delighted. again, thank you, very much.

Guestbook Entry #1159
Visitor Name:JHoto
You Are From:Nijverdal, Nederland
Your Comments:Schitterdende foto' en ook mooi weddesign. ik heb veel inspiratie opgedaan. Http://

Guestbook Entry #1158
Visitor Name:Armando
You Are From:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Your Comments:Muito bom!

Guestbook Entry #1157
Visitor Name:Eric
You Are From:den haag, NL
Your Comments:Goede site, mooi,duidelijk en overzichtelijk...en de foto's spreken natuurlijk!

Guestbook Entry #1156
Visitor Name:Teresa Youngblood
You Are From:Norwalk, CT. USA
Your Comments:What beautiful imagery! Your work is outstanding, and I so enjoyed browsing through your on line gallery.

Guestbook Entry #1155
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1154
Visitor Name:Joel Garrido
You Are From:Guadalajara, Mexico
Your Comments:I like to much this site, congratulations for do it, it's beautiful. Joel

Guestbook Entry #1153
Visitor Name:Juan Torres
You Are From:Seattle
Your Comments:This is a Great website, containing some of the best body painting I have ever seen

Guestbook Entry #1152
Visitor Name:Elaine
You Are From:Dalian, China
Your Comments:Wonderful..... i like it!

Guestbook Entry #1151
Visitor Name:RAJA DURAI
You Are From:bangalore, india

Guestbook Entry #1150
Visitor Name:curtis
You Are From:mexico, mo. usa
Your Comments:dude!! i love your works. one of the best i've ever seen.

Guestbook Entry #1149
Visitor Name:Harish Kota
You Are From:Bangalore, India
Your Comments:Hi Amit, I am Harish, On the weekend i was just Browsing Net, Saw your Site. Really wonderful & Great work, Specially Body Painting. I am also intrested in Body Painting, But in India there is no scope. Really Good work, Keep it up. I bookmarked your site in my web site list. take care, Regards, Harish Kota

Guestbook Entry #1148
Visitor Name:Maaike
You Are From:Almelo, Nederland
Your Comments:Prachtige foto's, ik zal met veel plezier voor u poseren! :)

Guestbook Entry #1147
Visitor Name:Flip
You Are From:Emmen, Nederland
Your Comments:"Prachtig" werk in één woord!!

Guestbook Entry #1146
Visitor Name:D.M. pool
You Are From:Alkmaar, Nederland
Your Comments:Mooie foto's. Nette site. Niets op aan te merken! TOP

Guestbook Entry #1145
Visitor Name:Mario Dagniaux
You Are From:Vlaardingen, Nederland
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, mooie foto's en een goede en overzichtelijke site, voor dat laatste complimenten aan je zoon. Mario. Please visit my site:

Guestbook Entry #1144
Visitor Name:Vic B
You Are From:USA
Your Comments:Love the photos. Not so keen on nude child w/ nude parents. Nude parents are ok as well as nude women together. Nude guys, maybe (reminiscent of being on soccer club)

Guestbook Entry #1143
Visitor Name:Joop Mul
You Are From:Sydney, Australië
Your Comments:Groeten uit een heet Sydney. Werkelijk creatief deze foto's. Het soort dat in je geheugen blijft.

Guestbook Entry #1142
Visitor Name:lutz
You Are From:bad oldesloe, germany
Your Comments:A wonderfull adress for a very created artwork and fantastic pictures. Bye and look on my page

Guestbook Entry #1141
Visitor Name:DWL
You Are From:Tilburg, Nederland
Your Comments:Wat een prachtige foto's! Complimenten. groet, DWL

Guestbook Entry #1140
Visitor Name:Piet Osefius
You Are From:Nederland
Your Comments:Erg mooi gevarieerd portfolio.

Guestbook Entry #1139
Visitor Name:Marina Donati
You Are From:Córdoba, Argentina
Your Comments:EXCELENT site! I came across with it and I took a superb impression. Marina

Guestbook Entry #1138
Visitor Name:Harry Broker
You Are From:Denver, Colorado USA
Your Comments:Thank you for sharing your art work. I have Dutch Nude website

Guestbook Entry #1137
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1136
Visitor Name:michal
You Are From:haifa, israel
Your Comments:pictures are gentle and marvellous'are you coming to israel 'i would like to meet you and share your work// michal

Guestbook Entry #1135
Visitor Name:Gerard van den Berge
You Are From:Omg.Amsterdam
Your Comments:Dag Amit, Met interesse je zeer uitgebreide site bekeken ; we staan allebij op deze site, Deens, onder de B. In veel van je natuurfotografie kan ik mezelf herkennen. Ik probeer een zo groot mogelijke combinatie te maken tussen de abstractie, het detail van de natuur en het landschap. Welke vorm de overhand gaat krijgen weet ik nog niet...... Vriendelijke groet, Gerard

Guestbook Entry #1134
Visitor Name:Alon
You Are From:tel aviv, israel
Your Comments:Your work is extraordinary.

Guestbook Entry #1133
Visitor Name:subash
You Are From:New Delhi, India
Your Comments:Dear Amit Bar, First of all I must congratulate you for the examplary work you have shown at your website. It is really your hardwork and dedication towards profession which has showered you so much appreciation and thus made you to rise at top. I wish you all the best. Keep it on, subash

Guestbook Entry #1132
Visitor Name:Gerard van den Berge
You Are From:Amsterdam, Nederland

Guestbook Entry #1131
Visitor Name:Richard Lee Barton
You Are From:Gemert, the netherlands
Your Comments:Saw your work...liked it ! Best Wishes, Richard

Guestbook Entry #1130
Visitor Name:Tusiimemathias
You Are From:kampala, uganda
Your Comments:very interesting

Guestbook Entry #1129
Visitor Name:carlos arauz
You Are From:somerville, massachusetts, USA
Your Comments:nice and beautiful fine art and photography

Guestbook Entry #1128
Visitor Name:Thusitha Ranga
You Are From:Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Guestbook Entry #1127
Visitor Name:Paulo Caldas
You Are From:Porto Alegre, Brasil
Your Comments:Lindo trabalho, inspirador e Maravilhoso!

Guestbook Entry #1126
Visitor Name:Anil Kapoor
You Are From:Kanpur U.P, INDIA

Guestbook Entry #1125
Visitor Name:Ellen
You Are From:Edmonton, Canada
Your Comments:I have been looking through your site for an hour or so and it the beautiful work here is endless. I especially enjoyed your appreciation of different body types in the nudes section, and your use of lines in many of the shots.

Guestbook Entry #1124
You Are From:Seattle, USA
Your Comments:Your photos of nude family, mother-child groupings and large or old persons bring back summer at AANR parks for all those of us unable to go because of winter or illness. Your photos depict that which is holy. Thank you.

Guestbook Entry #1123
Visitor Name:Rosemary Townsend
You Are From:Stafford, UK
Your Comments:Like these photographs very much particularly the nudes and body art.

Guestbook Entry #1122
Visitor Name:Mr. Fiaz
You Are From:sialkot, pakistan
Your Comments:Hello...I love photography and always try to find new web site for knowledge but i find this web site very different & attractive.

Guestbook Entry #1121
Visitor Name:vipkade
You Are From:Chemnitz, Germany
Your Comments:Hi, very nice site and beautiful pictures!

Guestbook Entry #1120
Visitor Name:meera pancholi
You Are From:mumbai, india
Your Comments:i liked ur imaginatoin. good work.

Guestbook Entry #1119
Visitor Name:osnat
You Are From:haifa, israel
Your Comments:wonderful, greats pictures,paintings & others. Keep the good work.

Guestbook Entry #1118
Visitor Name:Kelina Cowell
You Are From:Leeds, England
Your Comments:I really like your work. Please visit my site, and let me know if you would like to link to my site

Guestbook Entry #1117
Visitor Name:afilador
You Are From:oviedo, españa
Your Comments:Me encanta su obras y con su permiso le he colocado entre mis likns, espero que pase hacerme una visita por mi pequeña geleria del arte erotico, saludos.

Guestbook Entry #1116
Visitor Name:amit kumar kashyap
You Are From:delhi, india

Guestbook Entry #1115
Visitor Name:Ribbi
You Are From:antwerpen, België
Your Comments:Hele mooie site met hele mooie foto's! Greetz

Guestbook Entry #1114
Visitor Name:Ronan Farrelly
You Are From:Dublin, Ireland
Your Comments:I Like Art Especially Naked art and i would love to pose for you one day e-mail me please

Guestbook Entry #1113
Visitor Name:Harry Broker
You Are From:Denver, Colorado USA
Your Comments:Very interested site, with models and craftmanship. Congratulations! Good Luck! "aquablauw" Please feel free to see my Website at:

Guestbook Entry #1112
Visitor Name:Mahmoud Mourad
You Are From:Minia, Egypt

Guestbook Entry #1111
Visitor Name:Omer & Tal Golan
You Are From:Leiden, Holland
Your Comments:Good work man! Really fun images.

Guestbook Entry #1110
Visitor Name:Jon Cross
You Are From:Pittsburg, KS, US
Your Comments:Hey Amit I just wanted to say I'm glad to see you still taking photos. I have been a fan since 1999. And I wish you many more years.

Guestbook Entry #1109
Visitor Name:Ben
You Are From:Holland
Your Comments:Beautifull pictures, liked especially the pictures of older people

Guestbook Entry #1108
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well Done!!!

Guestbook Entry #1107
Visitor Name:utpal shah
You Are From:vadodara, india
Your Comments:Very good collection on body-painting. It really color full.

Guestbook Entry #1106
Visitor Name:Joanne
You Are From:Bethel,Vermont, USA
Your Comments:Dear Amit, It's been a while since I have looked over your site. It is always very fascinating to me. I especially like #19, #64 and # 68 under the portrait section. Great ideas. I hope you are recovering or recovered from your operation well. Take care, Joanne

Guestbook Entry #1105
Visitor Name:sajin
You Are From:cochi, India
Your Comments:its a nice Photographic site. Congrats to all of them behind this.

Guestbook Entry #1104
Visitor Name:Willy Croezen
You Are From:Dinxperlo, Netherlands
Your Comments:Hey Amit, Love your work! Especially the old factory-bodypaint session: Body-paint #136 Wow! Breathtaker.

Guestbook Entry #1103
Visitor Name:Julie Flachs
You Are From:Boston, USA
Your Comments:I have already purchased one of Amit's body-paintings and am totally in love with his work. If I could, I would buy all of his work!

Guestbook Entry #1102
Visitor Name:Sophie
You Are From:Dijon, France
Your Comments:I have always failed my praising attempts.

Guestbook Entry #1101
Visitor Name:Duncan Pimms
You Are From:Reading, UK
Your Comments:Good range of photographic images. Like the windmills in particular. Would be nice to see them bigger.

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