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Guestbook Entry #1100
Visitor Name:Are Garmo
You Are From:Vaagaa, Norway
Your Comments:You`r have taken many nice picture`s of all your`s motive.Greetings from Norway!

Guestbook Entry #1099
Visitor Name:joost
You Are From:Emst (bij Epe), Nederland
Your Comments:hele mooie site helemaal doorgebladerd en genoten , Groetjes , Joost.

Guestbook Entry #1098
Visitor Name:Dirk Thomas de Boer
You Are From:Kerkrade, Ned, Limburg
Your Comments:de naaktfotoos zijn van eenvoudige schoonheid en vorm en daarom zijn ze zo mooi.

Guestbook Entry #1097
Visitor Name:Shannon T Smith
You Are From:NewCastle, USA
Your Comments:Love tour of your nature scapes and also your body painting

Guestbook Entry #1096
Visitor Name:Tobi-Ashton
You Are From:Netherlands
Your Comments:I love your artistic photography! It's articulate and majestic! I very much enjoyed it's splendor! Keep it up! Tot Ziens!

Guestbook Entry #1095
Visitor Name:José Melo
You Are From:Lisbon, Portugal
Your Comments:Excellent, your photos. I´ll link your website on my favorites.

Guestbook Entry #1094
Visitor Name:Foster Brashear
You Are From:Lakewood, CO, USA
Your Comments:A wonderful site. Wonderful in every way.

Guestbook Entry #1093
Visitor Name:Martine Lissenberg
You Are From:Zaandam, Holland
Your Comments:I was looking for pictures of body-paint. They are wonderful! But I also looked at al the other pictures because I was very impressed.

Guestbook Entry #1092
Visitor Name:Hermann
You Are From:SWitzerland
Your Comments:I enjoyed viewing all your bodypaintings, drawings and nude pictures. Inspiration against academie poses. Your work is very professionally and wonderful. I have looked your site with pleasure. I like redirection. I wish you great success and happiness in your live. Greetings from Switzerland Hermann Zobrist, artist painter Atelier Galerie ZET.ARS

Guestbook Entry #1091
Visitor Name:GHAZALA
You Are From:Cairo, Egypt
Your Comments:how wonderful site and great artist.. really i love all your art works... you have pure looking to life ...keep up good works. Greetings from Egypt (

Guestbook Entry #1090
Visitor Name:Pedro Jorge Matos
You Are From:Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Your Comments:Fantastic landscapes and an overall very good job! Kind regards from Portugal.

Guestbook Entry #1089
Visitor Name:Jan
You Are From:USA
Your Comments:Wonderful site JR :-)

Guestbook Entry #1088
Visitor Name:JR Namida
You Are From:Las Vegas, US
Your Comments:Wishing you the best - I know you already have something new in focus - JR your friend

Guestbook Entry #1087
Visitor Name:John
You Are From:Milton, United States
Your Comments:Your artwork is commendable. I am pleased to say that your work captures the pure beauty of all you see. The women are excellent to draw from and I thank you for this opportunity to use them.

Guestbook Entry #1086
Visitor Name:Mart
You Are From:Vlaardingen, Nederland
Your Comments:Mijn complimenten over de bodypaintings;heel mooi en heel knap. Beschildert u ook mannen? hartelijke groet

Guestbook Entry #1085
Visitor Name:Marian de Bruyne
You Are From:Rotterdam, Nederland
Your Comments:Hallo Amit Ik ben erg onder de indruk van je site.Vooral je bodypaints ,Ik zelf ben aankomend bodypaintster en ook model om ervaring op te doen. Een vriendinnetje van mij liet je site aan me zien, ze is een grote fan van je werk. Op deze site , kun je wat werk van mij zien ,ook als model(ik ben vampirella).

Guestbook Entry #1084
Visitor Name:Rich Diltz
You Are From:Sacramento, USA
Your Comments:I heard through the grapevine you were going under the knife. From one artist to another I wish you a most speedy and comfortable recovery.

Guestbook Entry #1083
Visitor Name:carolyn roper
You Are From:london, uk
Your Comments:Lovely work on your site, best Wishes for a speedy recovery from an english bodypainter! Get well soon!!!!

Guestbook Entry #1082
Visitor Name:Marisa
You Are From:Netherlands
Your Comments:Get well soon!

Guestbook Entry #1081
Visitor Name:prince maduekwe
You Are From:houston, texas, usa
Your Comments:bold, creative. keep the spark firing.

Guestbook Entry #1080
Visitor Name:Raymond
You Are From:zoetermeer, Holland
Your Comments:erg mooie site met veel mooie foto`s!Navigatie kan wel iets beter nog;)mvg raymond

Guestbook Entry #1079
Visitor Name:martin ramos
You Are From:mexico, mexico
Your Comments:Lo felicito por sus trabajos realizados tanto de pintura en cuerpos, asi como por sus foto

Guestbook Entry #1078
Visitor Name:kavitha
You Are From:coimbatore, india
Your Comments:i lost my world in your site. i love your body paintings and collages. All the best to you. Thanking you. important: can you mail about the theory behind your colours please. lovingly kavi!

Guestbook Entry #1077
Visitor Name:Jerry Derozier
You Are From:City: Jefferson City, United States
Your Comments:Hiya, Amit... I am a fine/digital artist and have found your images wonderfully inventive and imaginative! Thank you for putting your artworks on the Web...-Jerry Derozier LekiddArtworks

Guestbook Entry #1076
Visitor Name:Erika
You Are From:Toronto, Canada

Guestbook Entry #1075
Visitor Name:Dimitri Michels
You Are From:Heerlen, NL
Your Comments:Fantastische site met idem foto's.. (beetje arrogant maar:) keep up the good work.. Heb er van genoten. Groeten Dimitri..

Guestbook Entry #1074
Visitor Name:Dan Bolt
You Are From:Vineland, NJ, USA
Your Comments:I especially liked the way you captured the love of a mother for her child! More photographers should do works like those!!

Guestbook Entry #1073
Visitor Name:Don
You Are From:Holiday, USA
Your Comments:Once again blown away Amit. Would like to think I'll be able to see the gallery sometime this year, all going well. Thanks for the update. Go Well! Cheers Don

Guestbook Entry #1072
Visitor Name:BeA Wass
You Are From:Timrå, Sweden
Your Comments:I like your landscapes and nature, or perhaps the snapshots. Have a good day : BeA

Guestbook Entry #1071
Visitor Name:farid
You Are From:karachi, pakistan
Your Comments:You have a lovely site with fantastic images. Love the Nudes and the body-paintings. Thanks for the very pleasant viewing. Regards, farid

Guestbook Entry #1070
Visitor Name:Mariel Cobie
You Are From:Plymouth, UK
Your Comments:The body paint shots are lovely.

Guestbook Entry #1069
Visitor Name:john
You Are From:tel aviv, Israel
Your Comments:kol hakavod amit, eyze tmunot yafot

Guestbook Entry #1068
Visitor Name:Rita
You Are From:socorro, NM
Your Comments:i like the work you have put into your art. i found it serious,beutifull,and yet insperational. signed RA

Guestbook Entry #1067
Visitor Name:Rob Meeuwissen
You Are From:Bergschenhoek, Nederland
Your Comments:Ben zelf ook modelfotograaf (amateur) geweest. Zag uw mailadres in (sex)blad Foxy met omschrijving "prachtige en zeer diverse naaktfotografie" en herinner me werk in het blad Naturisme

Guestbook Entry #1066
Visitor Name:Alec
You Are From:Monrovia, USA
Your Comments:I love the nudes I have nudes of my own on my website

Guestbook Entry #1065
Visitor Name:paun sorin
You Are From:BRASOV, Romania
Your Comments:I want to learn more from you

Guestbook Entry #1064
Visitor Name:Nathasja
You Are From:Spijkenisse, nederland
Your Comments:Ik kwam via dutcheheaven op je site terecht en wil even zeggen dat ik je werk echt heel mooi vind!! Mijn complimenten!! Groetjes Nathasja

Guestbook Entry #1063
Visitor Name:shanon
You Are From:kuala lumpur, malaysia
Your Comments:touches my soul. peace and trangquility.

Guestbook Entry #1062
Visitor Name:chris berry
You Are From:carlisle, usa
Your Comments:I am a scetch artist, and i viewed your sites on nudes. i do drawing of nudes at times. i just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed you photo work. you do good work behind the camera. keep up the good work. i will check in to look at your work at another date. I can possible use this site as a refence. good job. thanks for letting me view your work, chris

Guestbook Entry #1061
Visitor Name:Don
You Are From:Holiday, USA
Your Comments:Thankyou for the sharing! Beautiful, tasteful pix. My only gripe is that the thumbs do not enlarge to a larger size. However, I appreciate that it's a time thing, as I'm on 56K modem myself. Will direct others to your site.

Guestbook Entry #1060
Visitor Name:Guy Deregnaucourt
You Are From:Montgobert, France
Your Comments:A very nice site. I like very much, tour body-painting & nudes galeries. Congratulations. Friendly Guy

Guestbook Entry #1059
Visitor Name:Emily
You Are From:Hong Kong
Your Comments:I got more idea from your photo. I need some fine art photo for my drawning

Guestbook Entry #1058
Visitor Name:Gerrit
You Are From:Bergen op Zoom, Nederland
Your Comments:Mooie foto's! Goed opgezette site. Ik heb veel waardering voor de grote variatie in de gebruikte modellen.

Guestbook Entry #1057
Visitor Name:rex
You Are From:Salt Lake city, us
Your Comments:very graciously done

Guestbook Entry #1056
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:I fell in love in Nude #74. All te best!!!

Guestbook Entry #1055
Visitor Name:Norman
You Are From:Pevely, U>S>A>
Your Comments:super - super - we need more of this - beauty in all forms is a gift from GOD -so enjoy it with good feelings..........

Guestbook Entry #1054
Visitor Name:caihtlin
You Are From:niel, belgië
Your Comments:Hallo, Leuke site zenne met prachtige foto's,vooral de bodypainting vind ik heel tof. Veel succes in de toekomst met je fotowerk. Mvg, caithlin.

Guestbook Entry #1053
Visitor Name:datta
You Are From:pune, india
Your Comments:Really nice, first time i have seen on net

Guestbook Entry #1052
Visitor Name:mike manley
You Are From:carnegie, usa
Your Comments:enjoyed

Guestbook Entry #1051
Visitor Name:ruud
You Are From:nederland
Your Comments:Ik vind het een hele mooie site. Ik zelf wil mezelf ook eens naakt/erotisch laten fotograveren maar dan door een vrouwlijke fotograaf misschien dat jij iemand weet die dit zou willen b,v,d Ruud.

Guestbook Entry #1050
Visitor Name:Louise
You Are From:Canada
Your Comments:Hi Amit, I am a (film) makeup artist in Canada. I was looking around the web for somthing else and fell into your site. Really nice work!

Guestbook Entry #1049
Visitor Name:jasmine
You Are From:bronx, newyork
Your Comments:i would like to see some body work

Guestbook Entry #1048
Visitor Name:Tine
You Are From:Groningen, Nederland
Your Comments:Prachtige foto's. Heel mooi dat het lichaam hier echt puur als 'vorm' gebruikt wordt.

Guestbook Entry #1047
Visitor Name:Georgette
You Are From:wageningen, nederland
Your Comments:Prachtige foto's, vooral de zwart/witten vind ik erg mooi. Wilde ik alleen even zeggen. Georgette

Guestbook Entry #1046
Visitor Name:Bill Bush
You Are From:Colesburg, Iowa
Your Comments:Totally gorgeous ladies,truely works of God's art,some of the curves and shapes are wonderful.I know you can't tell the names of the models,but whoever they are some if not most the almighty has really blessed with great quality bodies.Your site is great!Made me "stand up" and take notice.There is no art more amazing than the Lord's.But too often cause of cultures we're too afraid to share the quality we're in one way or another blessed with. Bless you all ladies for losing the clothes and sharing what raw beauty really is!

Guestbook Entry #1045
Visitor Name:lesly-ann
You Are From:vorden, nederland
Your Comments:ziet er erg mooi uit leuk ook om eens iemand uit de beurt op DH te zien.sta zelf onder de naam lello op DH misschien komen we elkaar nog wel eens tegen groetjes lesly

Guestbook Entry #1044
Visitor Name:Jolanda
You Are From:Zwolle, Nederland
Your Comments:Mooie opgezette page, De foto's en tekeningen zijn mooi zuiver. Uw adres zal ik doorgeven aan anderen. Bedankt, Jolanda de Groot

Guestbook Entry #1043
Visitor Name:w. oranje
You Are From:goes, ned.
Your Comments:Een gedeelte van uw werk spreekt mij aan, m.n. een gedeelte van de naaktfotografie, een discipline die ik ook zelf beoefen. Mocht er een mogelijkheid zijn uitwisseling van modellen, hoor dat graag van u. Hopelijk kunt u mij in de toekomst, (februari/maart) ook vinden op een eigen site. Nu ben ik slechts te vinden op, met huwelijksreportagefoto's, gepubliceerd door mijn vaklab....www.esperanc.zeelandnet zal verdwijnen!

Guestbook Entry #1042
Visitor Name:Evaline van der Wiel
You Are From:Almere
Your Comments:Ik vind de foto-collages erg mooi en creatief. Ben nieuwsgierig naar foto-collages zonder naakt. Lijkt me mooi om zo'n fotocollage te zien met een thema bijv. familie of natuur of mens. Erg mooi.

Guestbook Entry #1041
Visitor Name:Leif Karlsson
You Are From:Umea, Sweden
Your Comments:I just surfed on your nice website and would like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I liked it, I will certainly come back and visit again to check it out for future updates. Please feel free to take a look at my Panorama photos at if you like. Best regards/ Leif.

Guestbook Entry #1040
Visitor Name:chantal kniest
You Are From:dronten, nederland
Your Comments:hoi ik ben ook bodypaint-model en ik wou even zeggen dat ik het erg mooi vindt de gewone foto's maar zeker ook de bodypaint-foto's. ga zo door. groetjes, chantal

Guestbook Entry #1039
Visitor Name:Alex
You Are From:Kiev, Ukraine
Your Comments:Very nice!!! Please visit Good luck!

Guestbook Entry #1038
Visitor Name:Blanche DuBois
You Are From:San Jose, USA
Your Comments:Very nice - particularly mother and child

Guestbook Entry #1037
Visitor Name:Norman
You Are From:Pevely MO., U>S>A>
Your Comments:You all have it right in your photo works - good in all departments

Guestbook Entry #1036
Visitor Name:Chris Morley
You Are From:Breda, Netherlands
Your Comments:Some very nice fotos, liked it a lot

Guestbook Entry #1035
Visitor Name:Cristina Nixon
You Are From:Longmont, Colorado, USA
Your Comments:You recently photographed my daughter, Molly and she sent me the web page so I would have a chance to look at them before she returns home in December. I like your work very much and the photos of her are wonderful~ I especially like the portrait. Thank you for capturing her spirit. I haven't seen her since August, so this was a joy.

Guestbook Entry #1034
Visitor Name:Gerd
You Are From:Boortmeerbeek, Belgium
Your Comments:You really understand the art of making nudes estethically correct. Great work!

Guestbook Entry #1033
Visitor Name:C.V.SABBA
You Are From:NYC, USA

Guestbook Entry #1032
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:KOL HAKAVOD!

Guestbook Entry #1031
Visitor Name:utpal shah
You Are From:vadodara, india
Your Comments:it's excellent and unique collection site. i like nudes section and body paintings its not vulgar such a good art

Guestbook Entry #1030
Visitor Name:Luc
You Are From:Basle, Switzerland
Your Comments:I am very impressed by the large variety of your photocollection. The landscape pictures are my favorite and I look forward to seeing more updates. Regards from Switzerland, Luc.

Guestbook Entry #1029
Visitor Name:David Martins
You Are From:Porto, Portugal
Your Comments:Excellent website with excellent contents. Congratulations!

Guestbook Entry #1028
You Are From:Managua, Nicaragua
Your Comments:I found your work tastefully provocative and full of life. If you ever come to Central America, call me up, I do thinks different but similar in some ways. Cheers!

Guestbook Entry #1027
Visitor Name:Frits Selier
You Are From:Amstelveen, NL
Your Comments:de landschap/natuur foto's spreken me aan!Kijk eens op mijn site

Guestbook Entry #1026
Visitor Name:Elena LAZAR
You Are From:Suceava, Romania
Your Comments:I love your site ... since 2000 :))

Guestbook Entry #1025
Visitor Name:linus moke
You Are From:deer creek, colorado, USA
Your Comments:i love your B&W nude work, especially your use of mirrors. thanks for the inspiration.

Guestbook Entry #1024
Visitor Name:Jack Schopman
You Are From:Naaldwijk, Netherlands
Your Comments:Dear Amit, What I like very much is the rich variety of people and things you photograph in such a nice way. I can see that you respect everything that you are photographing: people and nature. I would like to go to Israel once upon a time and take pictures in the Negev desert and the Dead Sea. I am a landscape and nature photographer and I am interested in having contacts abroad. Therefore I would like to have a guestbook on my website too. My question to you is: how did you get your guestbook. In case you would like to have a look on my website, here it is: I wish you much succes in photography. With kind regards, Jack Schopman.

Guestbook Entry #1023
Visitor Name:markus
You Are From:Offenburg, Germany
Your Comments:very nice Homepage.. Compliment.. sunny greetings markus und Krystyna.

Guestbook Entry #1022
Visitor Name:Melanie/meRy
You Are From:Breda, NL
Your Comments:Beste Amit, wat een mooie (naakt)foto's maak je! Ben zelf ook fervent fotograaf van het (naakte) menselijke lichaam, vooral zwangere buiken bekoren mij enorm. Ik kom graag nog eens terug op je site, groetjes!

Guestbook Entry #1021
Visitor Name:Lubin
You Are From:france
Your Comments:Bravo. Très belles photos.

Guestbook Entry #1020
Visitor Name:Alain Delanneau
You Are From:Marseille, France
Your Comments:trés beautiful work Cordially ALAIN

Guestbook Entry #1019
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:kol hacavod!!!

Guestbook Entry #1018
Visitor Name:Hiddo Kostwinder
You Are From:Hoogezand, nederland
Your Comments:Heel mooi, goed gedaan. Als ik geen gebruik hoefde te maken van een rolstoel zou ik mij aan melden voor een sesie maar helaas. Ga zo door. Nogmaals heel mooi. Hiddo Kostwinder

Guestbook Entry #1017
Visitor Name:Tammy White
You Are From:Edmonton, USA
Your Comments:I have been following you site since 1999, I have saw changes and watched as you added new photos. I truly love your site and enjoy the tasteful photos you show. Sometimes disturbing,(this is ment in a good way) but always beautiful. May you have many years of success at your talent.

Guestbook Entry #1016
Visitor Name:Stephen
You Are From:Toronto, Canada
Your Comments:Loved the nudes! The family and mother/baby shots especially, they expose the fun and beauty of the love we have for our children.

Guestbook Entry #1015
Visitor Name:syrahme
You Are From:austria
Your Comments:very interestning and professional photos! it was nice to take a look at this site...greetings syrahme

Guestbook Entry #1014
Visitor Name:anna derksen
You Are From:ede, nl
Your Comments:leuk fotowerk, ga zo door. anna

Guestbook Entry #1013
Visitor Name:Dheeraj Sachdeva
You Are From:New Delhi, INDIA
Your Comments:Really lovely photos, i felt like being in nature while watching these. I appreciate ur dedication to this site.

Guestbook Entry #1012
Visitor Name:Ellen
You Are From:Eindhoven, Nederland
Your Comments:A reaction on Guestbook Entry 1005: I'm the woman on the photo who probely never will appear in Marie-Claire. If you look closer then you'll see I'm not shaved!
P.S. It was fantastic to do the photoshoot, thanks Amit!
In reactie op Guestbook Entry 1005: Ik ben de vrouw op de foto die niet snel in de Marie-Claire zal komen. Als je goed kijkt dan zul je zien dat ik niet geschoren ben!
P.S. Het was geweldig leuk om te doen, bedankt Amit!

Guestbook Entry #1011
Visitor Name:teda
You Are From:City: Varna, Bulgaria
Your Comments:cool!!!!!!!:)

Guestbook Entry #1010
Visitor Name:Gideon
You Are From:La Quinta, USA

Guestbook Entry #1009
Visitor Name:kandi champagne
You Are From:baton rouge, la. usa
Your Comments:excellent!

Guestbook Entry #1008
Visitor Name:Tom
You Are From:Zeist, The Netherlands
Your Comments:Hi, my compliments for this nice website and photos! Please come see my photos sometime? Best regards from Tom.

Guestbook Entry #1007
Visitor Name:Koby Avraham
You Are From:Beer-Sheava, Israel
Your Comments:Dear Amit, Your new photos are very good one, I like all the photos. keep up the good work, god bless you and best regards. Koby

Guestbook Entry #1006
Visitor Name:Maayan
You Are From:moshav ginatton, Israel
Your Comments:I wanted to tell you that I love your website. It's very special and beautiful. I hope to see new pictures soon.

Guestbook Entry #1005
Visitor Name:l van Noordt
You Are From:Poortugaal, Nederland
Your Comments:Prachtige nieuwe foto's in de rubriek naakten, speciaal van de dame die nooit een kans krijgt om in de Marie-Claire te staan maar die toch ook heel mooi is. Nu nog eens een serie van een model waar niet alle haar van geschoren is. Proficiat.

Guestbook Entry #1004
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:YAFE MEOD!

Guestbook Entry #1003
Visitor Name:Seryl Cann
You Are From:Groningen, The Netherlands
Your Comments:Great site and great photos. Perhaps you could go to my site and give me some pointers on how to improve my skills.

Guestbook Entry #1002
Visitor Name:Bernd
You Are From:Duisburg, Germany
Your Comments:Thanks for all the wonderful pictures (and links). Many of the nudes I liked very much, but the nature and landscapes too. I hope to find more of the wonderful nudes in future. thanks again.

Guestbook Entry #1001
Visitor Name:Alnora Venita
You Are From:Jkt, Indonesia
Your Comments:Wonderful pictures,great site..sangat bagus!

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