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Guestbook Entry #1000
Your Comments:enjoy site a lot

Guestbook Entry #999
Visitor Name:Rene Hoyer
You Are From:Willemstad, Curacao,Neth.Antilles
Your Comments:Dear sir, I want to congratulate you because of the beautiful pics you are showing on the net. As a nude photographer, I see some similarity of your pics in the ones I also make. Please, continue making nice pics in order we can see them in the near future. Sincerely, Rene

Guestbook Entry #998
Visitor Name:IKS-Photography
You Are From:The Netherlands
Your Comments:Te gekke site, was erg leuk om een bezoekje te brengen en zal zeker weer komen kijken !!! Mischien vind je het leuk om mijn site eens te bezoeken op:

Guestbook Entry #997
Visitor Name:redding
You Are From:north bethesda, us

Guestbook Entry #996
Visitor Name:Carlomanuel
You Are From:Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico
Your Comments:beautiful page, nice works. Visit me please at:

Guestbook Entry #995
Visitor Name:iepje
You Are From:hever, belgie
Your Comments:leuke site! hartstikke interessant!

Guestbook Entry #994
Visitor Name:Mick
You Are From:Melb, Aust

Guestbook Entry #993
Visitor Name:mirjam wolffers
You Are From:amersfoort, Holland

Guestbook Entry #992
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Col Hacavod!!!

Guestbook Entry #991
Visitor Name:Leen
You Are From:Schiedam, Nederland
Your Comments:Regelmatig kijk ik op uw web-site, of er nog nieuwe foto's zijn. Mijn complimenten voor de prachtig, kunstzinnige foto's. Niet alleen de naakten, maar ook de andere foto's zijn geweldig! Echt oog voor detail. Bezoek ook eens onze site;

Guestbook Entry #990
Visitor Name:Joshua
You Are From:Tampa, Florida, USA
Your Comments:WOW, even more great pieces. You are still impressing me. keep up the great work. and keep us informed of updates...blessed be.

Guestbook Entry #989
Visitor Name:Pierre Grim
You Are From:lelystad, Holland
Your Comments:Het is elke een genot om door jou site te mogen gaan Prachtig fotowerk Amir dagggggg tot kijk foto'Pierro"

Guestbook Entry #988
Visitor Name:Anthony Keith
You Are From:New Albany, ind. usa
Your Comments:All I can say is amazing work! great eye great talent! Cant wait to see more

Guestbook Entry #987
Visitor Name:Rick
You Are From:NJ
Your Comments:Nice photographs. Great site. Please visit my digital photography gallery at Thanks!

Guestbook Entry #986
Visitor Name:jamshed qureshi
You Are From:delhi, india
Your Comments:find your work really amazing. i am an amaeture photographer. really inspired by your work. in future wanna be a photographer like you.

Guestbook Entry #985
Visitor Name:Gala van Moskou
You Are From:Amsterdam, Nederland
Your Comments:Wow! Portret#18 en #19 zijn werkelijk prachtig! Groet, Gala

Guestbook Entry #984
Visitor Name:joshuart
You Are From:malta
Your Comments:nice website and wonderful pictures, keep it up. we dont have that kind of landscape in malta just a litel in here, but we have a great history.

Guestbook Entry #983
Visitor Name:Ludo
You Are From:leiden
Your Comments:it's always a great pleasure to visit your site. I wish you had pages and pages of those nice masterpieces! greetings, LC

Guestbook Entry #982
Visitor Name:Will
You Are From:Taipei, Taiwan
Your Comments:The body Paint section is awfully great!!! I love the musical ones and the one with leaves all over. I wish I know those models' names.

Guestbook Entry #981
Visitor Name:Brandy Wilkinson
You Are From:Seattle, USA
Your Comments:Wow I really like your ideas for portraits. They are definately unique I'd say. Visit my work at

Guestbook Entry #980
Visitor Name:Shalom
You Are From:Miami, USA
Your Comments:Terrific website.. terrific photography!

Guestbook Entry #979
Visitor Name:eastgirl
You Are From:O., Nederland
Your Comments:Erg mooie site met prachtig foto's, ik heb met plzier deze site bezocht. Misschien leuk om een bezoekje te brenegen op mijn site op:

Guestbook Entry #978
Visitor Name:Saskia
You Are From:Middelburg
Your Comments:Mooie site hoor, met veel prachtige foto's. Complimenten !

Guestbook Entry #977
Visitor Name:Yakov
You Are From:New York, USA
Your Comments:Dear Amit! Once again I appreciate you so, so much for real, unreal beatiful ART! I like your site very much. It became part of my vision and my life. Hamon Todot Mi New York. LeShana Habaa Birushalaim Habnuya! Yakov.

Guestbook Entry #976
Visitor Name:farid
You Are From:pakistan
Your Comments:superb body paintings and nudes

Guestbook Entry #975
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:KOL HA CAVOD!!!

Guestbook Entry #974
Visitor Name:Dean
You Are From:Toronto, Canada
Your Comments:Great website with excellent painting and super pictures. Cheers. dean.

Guestbook Entry #973
Visitor Name:Seth Lew
You Are From:USA
Your Comments:Great work! Please check out my work at...

Guestbook Entry #972
Visitor Name:zahid awan
You Are From:Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Your Comments: I am very happy to visit your site.

Guestbook Entry #971
Visitor Name:Sandra
You Are From:Almere, Holland
Your Comments:Geweldige pagina! erg orgineel en dat maakt het geweldig. Groetjes Sandra

Guestbook Entry #970
Visitor Name:Connie
You Are From:Chicago, USa
Your Comments:Excellent site. Just excellent.

Guestbook Entry #969
Visitor Name:Patrice Fautrat
You Are From:Marne-La-Vallee (near Paris), France
Your Comments:I like very much your pictures! Especially nudes with the couple and the family, portraits and body painting.

Guestbook Entry #968
Visitor Name:HUMA
Your Comments:X-C-LENT SITE

Guestbook Entry #967
Visitor Name:Nicole
You Are From:Fairfax, USA
Your Comments:You are such a remarkable talent! I am blown away.

Guestbook Entry #966
Visitor Name:elah dissen
You Are From:wageningen, nederland
Your Comments:ik vind een aantal van die bodypaint pics mn die dansant overkomen erg mooi.ik hou t meest van dansfoto's zelf ik dans graag nl groeten

Guestbook Entry #965
Visitor Name:clovis
You Are From:Suzano, Brazil
Your Comments:Nice Job. You have a beautiful pics.

Guestbook Entry #964
Visitor Name:Jason
You Are From:Scunthorpe, UK
Your Comments:Photos are marvolous!

Guestbook Entry #963
Visitor Name:Sandra van Lammeren
You Are From:Waterloo Ontario, Canada
Your Comments:Hello! Your nude photos are very unique and sensual! Also it seems as if your models are having fun during the photo session. Great work!

Guestbook Entry #962
Visitor Name:Rita
You Are From:Amsterdam, NL
Your Comments:Well done, Amit! God bless you! Thanks.

Guestbook Entry #961
Visitor Name:Koby Avraham
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:Dear Amit, I like you new works, As always I can Study alot. I wish... You know. best regards Koby

Guestbook Entry #960
Visitor Name:Ed
You Are From:houston, USA
Your Comments:Nicely done! Nude 76-78 are my favorites !

Guestbook Entry #959
Visitor Name:Rita
You Are From:Chatsworth, USA
Your Comments:great site.

Guestbook Entry #958
Visitor Name:Tom
You Are From:Zeist, The Netherlands
Your Comments:Hello my compliments for this nice website! Best regards from Tom.

Guestbook Entry #957
Visitor Name:Jos MariŽn
You Are From:Antwerpen-Hoboken, Belgie
Your Comments:Weer een zeer goede update Amit ben iedere maal verrast Groeten Jos

Guestbook Entry #956
Visitor Name:veerle
You Are From:belgie
Your Comments:ik ben een blond slank model die beschikbaar is voor verschillende soorten van foto's.mail me maar we kunnen zeker wat afspreken.

Guestbook Entry #955
Visitor Name:Georges Blontrock
You Are From:IJzendijke, Nederland
Your Comments:IK heb genoten van uw prachtige site en de kunstwerken ,geweldig !!!!!

Guestbook Entry #954
Visitor Name:Itzik Yariv
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #953
Visitor Name:cathoir
You Are From:Vinderhoute, BelgiŽ
Your Comments:Bedant dat u ons laat meegenieten van je uitzonderlijke talenten. Groetjes uit Vinderhoute

Guestbook Entry #952
Visitor Name:icyxavier
You Are From:pala, india
Your Comments:i like it

Guestbook Entry #951
Visitor Name:Netty
You Are From:NL
Your Comments:I love your work! Greetings, Netty (

Guestbook Entry #950
Visitor Name:muralis
You Are From:potsdam, brd
Your Comments:very nice stuff. good work. natur is my favorit. I'M a painter almost normal Work.

Guestbook Entry #949
Visitor Name:Martin
You Are From:Amersfoort, Netherlands
Your Comments:Great pictures. Some beautifull black and white. Great site.

Guestbook Entry #948
Visitor Name:Ziad Hakim
You Are From:London, UK
Your Comments:Thank you for the pleasant time I spent looking at your beautiful pictures. They are indicative of an incredibly good taste.

Guestbook Entry #947
Visitor Name:kara doyle
You Are From:oil city, usa
Your Comments:they are very good

Guestbook Entry #946
Visitor Name:John M. MARTINEZ

Guestbook Entry #945
Visitor Name:Josephine Shaffer
You Are From:Johnstown, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Hi! I like to see the photos of women who gets there body painted all over especially a bright colorful of printed colors that is extremely cool and very tasteful too.

Guestbook Entry #944
Visitor Name:sofie
You Are From:riemst, belgie
Your Comments:geweldig werk! doe zo voort!! heel inspirerend...

Guestbook Entry #943
Visitor Name:masha & igor
You Are From:miami, usa
Your Comments:Your stuff is absolutly beautiful.We loved it.

Guestbook Entry #942
Visitor Name:Cristian Sanz L
You Are From:Amecameca, Mexico
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #941
Visitor Name:Eva
You Are From:Doet, Nederland
Your Comments:Amit, Ik keek weereens op je site en zag je landschappen en natuur fotoos weer eens. Prachtig!!Prachtig!! Mooi licht en composities! Echt erg mooi. Als ik in Indo fotoos ga maken neem ik het mee in mn achterhoofd. Warme kerst en gelukkig nieuwjaar! X Eva.

Guestbook Entry #940
Visitor Name:Heribert
You Are From:Weesp, The Netherlands
Your Comments:Schitterend werk gezien. ik kom zeker nog een keer langs om rustig te genieten. ga door op dit niveau. groet, Heribert

Guestbook Entry #939
Visitor Name:Nicole
You Are From:Brockton,MA. USA
Your Comments:Love your work. I recently modeled b/w nude in the desert.

Guestbook Entry #938
Visitor Name:Giordano Stolley
You Are From:Bangkok, Thailand
Your Comments:Very nice - great pics.

Guestbook Entry #937
Visitor Name:imran
You Are From:New York, USA
Your Comments:Awsome body's probably one the gr8est thing to look at 2am in the mornig!..simply gr8

Guestbook Entry #936
Visitor Name:eitan
You Are From:Tel Aviv, Israel
Your Comments:Shalom, I enjoyed your website. landscape picture #19 is beautifull.

Guestbook Entry #935
Visitor Name:model daniel
You Are From:Den-Haag, Nederland
Your Comments:mooie gezellige site.

Guestbook Entry #934
Visitor Name:gusman vesna
You Are From:Beer Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:great site , your drawings are beautiful

Guestbook Entry #933
Visitor Name: jack schipperheijn
You Are From:'s-Hertogenbosch, Holland
Your Comments:Mooie foto's, vooral de naakten vrouw met kind

Guestbook Entry #932
Visitor Name:Roel Zaal
You Are From:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Your Comments:You make wonderfull nice paintings. Should like to meet you . See my website for more information: And :----age says nůthing ---- greetings, Roel.

Guestbook Entry #931
Visitor Name:Ali Imran
You Are From:New York, USA
Your Comments:I love your nude female photos. Why dont you try to take photos of Beautiful burqa Girls of M-----countries. take off burqa or veil slowly.

Guestbook Entry #930
Visitor Name:Femke
You Are From:Tilburg, The Netherlands
Your Comments:i love your work it's great. Femke (the netherlands)

Guestbook Entry #929
Visitor Name:Koempel
You Are From:Kerkrade, Netherlands
Your Comments:Very fine arts! For action-photographs please refer to

Guestbook Entry #928
Visitor Name:darcy dube
You Are From:st.albert,
Your Comments:awsome

Guestbook Entry #927

Guestbook Entry #926
Visitor Name:Yakov Pilavsky
You Are From:NY, USA
Your Comments:Hi! so Great art! Appreciate you. thanks a lot!

Guestbook Entry #925
Visitor Name:lutz from
You Are From:Bad Oldesloe, Germany
Your Comments:Congretulation for your artwork.Your drawings is very created and very interesthing for my artwork. I study Nude and draw many of them. Bye lutz from the bilderfactory.

Guestbook Entry #924
Visitor Name:David J Crook
You Are From:Coatesville, US
Your Comments:Lovely photography, especially the landscapes and nudes. Those were beautifully and tastefully expressive. (I really enjoyed the pictures of the woman and her baby-lovely!)

Guestbook Entry #923
Visitor Name:Tex j S.
You Are From:Veendam, Netherlands
Your Comments:I like the landscapes, check my site>>>>>>

Guestbook Entry #922
Visitor Name:Richard Webb
You Are From:Roscommon, U.S.A.
Your Comments:liked your use of reflections

Guestbook Entry #921
Visitor Name:Joshua Thorpe
You Are From:Tampa, Florida, USA
Your Comments:Hello again Amit, it's been a long time since I first saw your website; and it has gotten a lot better since then, I signed your guestbook before and was #196. since then I have gotten an associates and am going for my second in the art field. I just wanted to let you know your work still inspires me to do my own personal best. I have told many people about your site. Blessed be, Joshua.

Guestbook Entry #920
Visitor Name:eddy beterams
You Are From:zemst, belgie
Your Comments:dit is wat ik nu zocht, vooral de modelf. en de bodypaint bekoren me. zelf aktief op dat vlak, doet het deugd je galerie te bekijken. Overweeg om naar een workschop te komen. Moťt gewoon tof zijn. In ieder geval ook bedankt omdat je de gelegenheid biedt je werk te bewonderen. Toi toi.

Guestbook Entry #919
Visitor Name:fabian
You Are From:l'warden, hol.
Your Comments:where are those beautiful bodypainted eva's? greetings and much luck from fabian

Guestbook Entry #918
Visitor Name:josephine shaffer
You Are From:johnstown, pa., usa.
Your Comments:i dmire all of the body paintings on nude men and women.

Guestbook Entry #917
Visitor Name:Sabine
You Are From:Bissegm, Belgie
Your Comments:Zeer verzorgde website,groetjes,Sabine

Guestbook Entry #916
Visitor Name:The 3 Brothers
You Are From:Toluca, Mexico
Your Comments:hello nice site ! keep up ! greetings from Mexico

Guestbook Entry #915
Visitor Name:Tom
You Are From:Zeist, Netherlands
Your Comments:My compliments for this nice website and beautiful photos! Please visit my website where you also can find many photos. Best regards from Tom.

Guestbook Entry #914
Visitor Name:Christi de Jager
You Are From:Johannesburg, South Africa
Your Comments:Great photos. Love it!!! Amazing art works and love the nude photos!

Guestbook Entry #913
Visitor Name:Terry Poole
You Are From:Brisbane, Australia
Your Comments:Your photography surpasses much of what I have seen in other artists (perhaps just a personal taste). I especially like the section on a mother with her baby. It captures the emotion, the love, the bond. If only there was more photography capturing that special moment.

Guestbook Entry #912
Visitor Name:andre
You Are From:london, uk
Your Comments:although your work is completelt different from my photographes I like your snapshots very much! Very impressive. Please have a look at my page at

Guestbook Entry #911
Visitor Name:sivn
You Are From:jerusalem, Israel
Your Comments:Thanks for your sweat photos. I love nude females.

Guestbook Entry #910
Visitor Name:Golden World
You Are From:Bangkok, Thailand
Your Comments:Great site, but the enlarged pic is sometimes blurry.

Guestbook Entry #909
Visitor Name:Amanda
You Are From:Utica, USA
Your Comments:GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #908
Visitor Name:jade
You Are From:nice, france
Your Comments:very nice site...good luck for the future. Jade--French glamour Model--

Guestbook Entry #907
Visitor Name:bobh
You Are From:adelaide, australia
Your Comments:some of the very best,your heart is in the right place.

Guestbook Entry #906
Visitor Name:Gerard Elshof
You Are From:groningen, nederland
Your Comments:Mijn welgemeende complimenten over uw werk! Dit kom ik zelden tegen. De site is zeer compleet te noemen, en nodigt uit om contact op te nemen. Ga zo door, en veel succes in de toekomst!

Guestbook Entry #905
Visitor Name:Cynthia K. Cortes
You Are From:n.y.c., usa
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #904
Visitor Name:Di
You Are From:USA
Your Comments:You are now listed as "Preferred Site - September 2002" on my Photography site. Here is a direct link for you .. Take care!

Guestbook Entry #903
Visitor Name:joanetta
You Are From:Nederland
Your Comments:Ik vind uw werk heel interessant, vooral de foto's van kinderen vind ik mooi. mijn complimenten.

Guestbook Entry #902
Visitor Name:Elisabeth Prenzel
You Are From:Dresden, Duitsland
Your Comments:Ik vind de Galerie heel mooi! Speciaal de tekeningen en de portretten, echt top!

Guestbook Entry #901
Visitor Name:C.V.SABBA
You Are From:New Jersey, United States
Your Comments:I love your web site. The nudes are fantastic. The other areas are very beautiful also. Great landscapes. Please look at my web site: I think you might like my hot pepper paintings. Recently I have been painting large canvasses from live nude models. These paintings will be added to my sight shortly. Ciao.

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