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Guestbook Entry #900
Visitor Name:Dennis P. Costea Jr.
You Are From:Ashburn, USA
Your Comments:I think the body as a canvas is a wonderful thing and I hope someone comes up with full length unitards featuring prints derived from your examples! The lines in several of your works compliment the form without eploiting any portion of the anatomy per se, and I appreciate the effort that must have gone into them. Nice job! I hope you are able to continue painting for many years to come.

Guestbook Entry #899
You Are From:Seoul, Corea
Your Comments:How Do You Do? Your Picture Is Fine! Viewing Select Time!!!!!!!!!!!! 잘 보았어요. 아주 휼륭하고 감각적인 이미지입니다.(this Is Corean^^!!!). Good Luck!

Guestbook Entry #898
Visitor Name:Tilly kuiper
You Are From:voorne putten, nederland
Your Comments:Hallo Amit Bar, heb net een reis door je website achter de rug, en...ik heb intens genoten van de diversiteit , diverse rubrieken met elk een haast tastbare schoonheid. Een kleurrijk palet van kunst, waar als een fluistering de liefde voor wat je doet , in weerklinkt, teder doch krachtig. Kortom, of het nu om de natuur gaat of bodypaintings of naakten en alle andere facetten ...ik ervaar het allemaal als intens mooi. met vriendelijke groet, TK

Guestbook Entry #897
Visitor Name:Koby Avraham
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:Thank you Amit for this visit in your site, as always I study from your work. Hope to see you soon. Koby

Guestbook Entry #896
Visitor Name:Tore Poortman
You Are From:oslo, Norway
Your Comments:You have a wonderful site and I love your art. Please keep up the beautiful work. Tore

Guestbook Entry #895
Visitor Name:memo
You Are From:amman, jordan

Guestbook Entry #894
Visitor Name:Marije Hofland
You Are From:Den Haag, Nederland
Your Comments:Ik heb genoten van de kunstwerken tijdens het maken van de analyse voor deze website. Mijn complimenten! Zelf teken ik ook, voor portretten, en ben ik in de toekomst van plan fotografie te gaan ontdekken. Nogmaals, fantastische foto's!

Guestbook Entry #893
Visitor Name:Mr.Nice
You Are From:cornwall, UK
Your Comments:Have come across your work a few times, and I particularly enjoy your work with nudes. Nice to see you draw too, I dabble a little ( Do keep up the good work. Kindest Regards. Mark.

Guestbook Entry #892
Visitor Name:john ratliff
You Are From:gurley, al
Your Comments:VERY GOOD WORK!!

Guestbook Entry #891
Visitor Name:Frans Vanstapel
You Are From:Ulbeek, Belgi
Your Comments:Zeer mooie presentatrie van de foto's eigenlijk zijn het echte kunstwerken Profociat. Frans

Guestbook Entry #890
Visitor Name:Jacob
You Are From:Israel
Your Comments:Very impressed by your work

Guestbook Entry #889
Visitor Name:Guusje
You Are From:Middelbeers, Holland
Your Comments:Hallo via een ander gastenboek kwam ik bij jou, wat eenprachtige foto's, ik heb erg genoten. Groetjes Guusje.

Guestbook Entry #888
Visitor Name:Ken McKnight
You Are From:St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Your Comments:I enjoyed touring your site. I to am a photographer part time while I work full time. I have had some things published but none of my personal work. I will be back from time to time to check for updates.

Guestbook Entry #887
Visitor Name:elise
You Are From:gent, belgium
Your Comments:The photos of that big lady, naked, are beautyful, she is even more artistic than the skinny ones.

Guestbook Entry #886
Visitor Name:Dirk Van Bergen
You Are From:Antwerpen, Belgie
Your Comments:Hele mooie foto's , vooral deze van oudere mensen. Oudere mensen kunnen dus ook mooi zijn. Het perfecte lichaam bestaat dus niet,iedereen is mooi op zijn manier.

Guestbook Entry #885
Visitor Name:Verhoeven Jos
You Are From:belgie
Your Comments:prachtige website, maar vooral ook prachtige kunstwerken. Doe zeker zo verder, kom zeker nog eens terug kijken. jos : kunstschilder

Guestbook Entry #884
Visitor Name:Orlando R. Garcia
You Are From:Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
Your Comments:I love your work. I have been wanting to venture into photography as a hobby to capture the wonder that resides in humans, nature and everything around us. Thank you for your wonderful website.

Guestbook Entry #883
Visitor Name:ayan
You Are From:calcutta, india
Your Comments:i really was taken in by the lyricism of yr nudes very good work

Guestbook Entry #882
Visitor Name:Andre
You Are From:London, UK
Your Comments:Great snapshots and very nice collages. Please visit my site at

Guestbook Entry #881
Visitor Name:Marianne
You Are From:Eindhoven, Nederland
Your Comments:Schitterende site onze complimenten ga zo door en we zullen er zeker vaker een kijkje komen nemen.

Guestbook Entry #880
Visitor Name:carine
You Are From:mechelen, belgie
Your Comments:geweldig knappe site en heel leuke foto's

Guestbook Entry #879
Visitor Name:Shashi
You Are From:Mumbai, India
Your Comments:Hardly do we see such a creative work on nudes. Its actually so well defined. Creator was sure well aware what he needed & he got it. Great!

Guestbook Entry #878
Visitor Name:Mandy Cook
You Are From:Mt. Gilead, USA
Your Comments:I have become attached to your musical body paintings. Being a musician myself, I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes off of them. This site is magnificent, I loved it.

Guestbook Entry #877
Visitor Name:Sergey
You Are From:St. Peterburg, Russia
Your Comments:Very good works and models! I was glad to visit your gallery. I wish you all better for your work. Best regards.

Guestbook Entry #876
Visitor Name:D H.Kim
Your Comments:I found your site through the another site. I like it a lot. You have super great site. I'm sure glad I have really had a good time. I hope that you will come and visit me. I'd love to hear from you! GOD BLESS !!! My site is

Guestbook Entry #875
Visitor Name:frank
You Are From:houston, U.S.A.
Your Comments:you have done a very good work

Guestbook Entry #874
Visitor Name:Tore
You Are From:Roma, Italia
Your Comments:Complimenti trovo la tua galleria estremamente interessante e vorrei ospitarti nel mio sito Cordialmente Tore

Guestbook Entry #873
Visitor Name:CLAUDIO M. AMIT
You Are From:Cebu City, Philippines
Your Comments:I find your art work very interesting, inspiring and done with finesse. Please include me in your e-mail mailing list. Can I have yuur full name. My family name is Amit. Can I know the reason you used AMITBAR as your home page? Will be anxiously waiting for your reply.

Guestbook Entry #872
Visitor Name:Dave
You Are From:London, UK
Your Comments:You have another fan of your work. Many thanks for a great site.

Guestbook Entry #871
Visitor Name:Yael
You Are From:Israel
Your Comments:The Landscapes section is magnificent.

Guestbook Entry #870
Visitor Name:Ross
You Are From:England
Your Comments:Fantastic, unusual to see all subjects covered so well. One of the best & most interesting sites I have seen. Would like to larger pictures though.

Guestbook Entry #869
Visitor Name:Heidi Voss
You Are From:Lakewood, U.S.
Your Comments:Amit, I signed you guest book awhile ago and I just wanted to say your new photos are beautiful and elegant just as the ones before! You wrote me back an email and asked me if I had a websight, well now I do (it's brand new so my guest book is kind of empty. my web sight is found at . I designed it all by myself. If you have time sign my guest book. I have also taken pictures of women to I will add it web sight later. Thanks, Heidi

Guestbook Entry #868
Visitor Name:Kris B.
You Are From:Tienen, Belgi
Your Comments:toffe site en zeer mooie werken, ik ben ook airbrusher, je kan mijn werk bezichtigen op misschien tot ziens. Groetjes KrisB

Guestbook Entry #867
Visitor Name:Netzach
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:I loved your photos! Well done!

Guestbook Entry #866
Visitor Name:shay
You Are From:netanya, israel
Your Comments:amit my name is shay and i just wanted to say that the landscape pictures are amazing.

Guestbook Entry #865
Visitor Name:Peter Ouweneel
You Are From:Rhoon, Nederland
Your Comments:Prachtige foto's en schitterende composities. Bedankt. Peter Ouweneel

Guestbook Entry #864
Visitor Name:Wayne Mulligan
You Are From:New York, USA
Your Comments:I love your work, beautiful thank you

Guestbook Entry #863
Visitor Name:loir-anne
You Are From:Wind Ridge, USA
Your Comments:Love the body paintings...the nudes are sharp the photography...nice site. ty for sharing.

Guestbook Entry #862
Visitor Name:mannu
You Are From:delhi, india
Your Comments:i saw your work its nice. I am also a photographer i want to show you my work. Would you like to see that?

Guestbook Entry #861
Visitor Name:J. van Muilekom
You Are From:Doetinchem, Nederland
Your Comments:Via de Cesar Therapie ben ik uw werk tegengekomen en heb bewondering hiervoor.

Guestbook Entry #860
Visitor Name:nikhil
You Are From:nagpur, india
Your Comments:the person who have god gift can do only such believable work definately no need to asy a word for his work whatefer he had shone in his work is then only creatifvity. thanks to tht god to make such a great person

Guestbook Entry #859
Visitor Name:Eun suk, Chang
You Are From:Seoul, Korea
Your Comments:I'm happy beause of this site contained all kinds of art.... Thanks~~~

Guestbook Entry #858
Visitor Name:Gilad Arieli
You Are From:Tel-Aviv, Israel
Your Comments:I enjoyed visiting your site. If you ever come to Israel again I would like to volunteer my apartment as a shooting location. Check it out, mine is first floor on the left.

Guestbook Entry #857
Visitor Name:Amit Dhanawat
You Are From:mumbai, india
Your Comments:this is really a great site. I am also interested in art. I have my site called I need your assistance. plz help me.

Guestbook Entry #856
Visitor Name:rich schmitt
You Are From:high view, west virginia, usa
Your Comments:Really like your work. Great site. Please take a look at my art website:

Guestbook Entry #855
Visitor Name:Arjen
You Are From:Pannerden, Holland
Your Comments:Twee vrouwen om mij heen !!! vragen....waar zijn de mannelijke modellen (NAAKT !!!)

Guestbook Entry #854
Visitor Name:Jur Bosboom
You Are From:Muntendam, Nederland
Your Comments:Mmm...fraaie site vooral de Nederlandse landschappen spreken mij aan. Bekijk mijn fotosite ook eens Het is wel een ander soort fotografie. Groeten, Jur Bosboom

Guestbook Entry #853
Visitor Name:cor groene
You Are From:lewedorp,nederland
Your Comments:Prachtig werk op deze site. Allemaal van een en dezelfde fotograaf? Zeer gevarieerd en fantasievol. Ik geniet hier. Groeten Cor

Guestbook Entry #852
Visitor Name:lutz erler from
You Are From:hamburg, germany
Your Comments:Hey this a fine art gallerie and your picture is very interesting

Guestbook Entry #851
Visitor Name:Seppo Hovila
Your Comments:Great photos. I liked the powerful color and light.

Guestbook Entry #850
Visitor Name:Coos Ernens
You Are From:IJmuiden, Nederland
Your Comments:Zeer mooie site super breng ook eens een bezoek bij mij

Guestbook Entry #849
Visitor Name:Christian
You Are From:Orizaba, Mexico
Your Comments:I landed on your site just by chance and then I've spent more than two hours recreating at your pictures, specially the collages. you're truly inspirational!

Guestbook Entry #848
Visitor Name:lanadelowe
You Are From:tel-aviv, israel
Your Comments:Amit! I was happy that I for chance recieved to vsit your site and enjoyed your diversity and creativity very much. thank you and shalom. lana

Guestbook Entry #847
Visitor Name:ROU
You Are From:Cairo, Egypt
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #846
Visitor Name:Tara Dalton
You Are From:Pittsburgh, USA
Your Comments:your work is wonderful. I would love to model for you some day if I can ever take a holiday to the Netherlands. Your photographs of the children are especially brillant. I have a two year old. I would love to send you a photograph of him. He is beautiful. The art of photography is captured for a lifetime. Thank you for capturing such perfection.

Guestbook Entry #845
Visitor Name:alex levin
You Are From:israel
Your Comments:I very loke your works!!! great great great. visit me too!!!

Guestbook Entry #844
Visitor Name:Lutz Erler
You Are From:hamburg, germany
Your Comments:Your drawings is great wonderfull and your picture is very created. My visit was very interesting

Guestbook Entry #843
Visitor Name:GUI@B
You Are From:Paris, France
Your Comments:It's nice to come on this website sometimes and just relax watching your latest artworks. Later:

Guestbook Entry #842
Visitor Name:yoon-hyojoon
You Are From:seoul, south korea
Your Comments:Thank you very much for your beautiful photographs! I am a president of an art institute.

Guestbook Entry #841
Visitor Name:Trevor Callaham
You Are From:Yerington, United States of America
Your Comments:Dear Mr. Amit Bar, not too long ago i stumbled upon your site, just thinking you were another photographer, but i was wrong. i find your style of photography very appealing to me, especially your children photography. i think you very well display the enthusiastic approach to life that a youth has. your picture seem to capture that moment in time that will never happen again, almost like a private moment. my thanks to you for reading this.

Guestbook Entry #840
Visitor Name:inder gopal
You Are From:Delhi, india
Your Comments:hi u doing...great landscapes and nature pictures........ plus photocollages.... u done photo collages digitally??? regards inder gopal

Guestbook Entry #839
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:Kol hacavod!!!

Guestbook Entry #838
Visitor Name:Yakov Avraham
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel our heart in Holland
Your Comments:Thank you Amit for this new photos. There are very good. I think that you shold zoom the photo larger then they are now. Best regards, Koby

Guestbook Entry #837
Visitor Name:VICKY
You Are From:San Antonio, USA
Your Comments:hi amit, i hadn't been on your site in while, i'm glad you don't only have thin models. (referring to nudes 65-72) Good job on all your other catagories that it saw.

Guestbook Entry #836
Visitor Name:Stacey Fillmore
You Are From:Lincoln ill, USA
Your Comments:Thank you so much for allowing me to see such wonderful drawings. Although I haven't been drawing very long only a few years I think your drawings a amazing. They express alot of talent and beauty.Thank you for sharing them with me. I have a webpage that I am adding my drawings to in the near future please feel free to look and comment on them if you would like. thank you again, Best of Luck, Stacey Fillmore

Guestbook Entry #835
Visitor Name:Hans Verhoeven
You Are From:Uden, Nederland
Your Comments:Eindelijk....een fotosite gevonden die NU dus tussen mijn favorieten staat. Ik zal ook zeker andere liefhebbers over Uw site vertellen. Uw landschapsfoto's bevallen mij zeer, erruugg mooi, ook Uw naakten #17,#18 en #19..gewoon weg zw/w fotografie zoals het "hoort". Wellicht mag ik U uitnodigen mijn site ( eens te bezoeken.. Bedankt...een beginnende fotograaf, Hans Verhoeven

Guestbook Entry #834
Visitor Name:white
You Are From:london, england
Your Comments:very good site, excellent photography

Guestbook Entry #833
Visitor Name:Slava
You Are From:St.Petersburg, RUSSIA
Your Comments:Very nice. The portraits are very impressive and the landscapes too, #20 especially. Thank You, I've enjoyed it.

Guestbook Entry #832
Visitor Name:Ine
You Are From:Vlissingen, NL
Your Comments:prachtig fotowerk, zo mooi helder, stil. heerlijk. ik geniet er van. bedankt en succes! Ine

Guestbook Entry #831
Visitor Name:Zamir Zahavi
You Are From:Pittsburgh, U.S.A
Your Comments:I really enjoy your landscape photographs

Guestbook Entry #830
Visitor Name:riyazuddin
You Are From:hyderabad, india

Guestbook Entry #829
Visitor Name:reinhard
You Are From:stadthagen, germany
Your Comments:well done

Guestbook Entry #828
Visitor Name:Nora
You Are From:NYC, USA
Your Comments:your web is great. I loved your pictures especially snapshots and children. Good luck!!

Guestbook Entry #827
Visitor Name:amit baram
You Are From:jerusalem, israel
Your Comments:I enjoyed the site v. much but was disappointed there were no enlarged jpeg's of your photos. also wanted to download 2 myself but couldn't since the images were so small! the freedom 2 share is v. important. thanx, amit

Guestbook Entry #826
Visitor Name:bri
You Are From:philippines
Your Comments:i am planning to establish a web gallery... your gallery is cool...

Guestbook Entry #825
Visitor Name:Andr
You Are From:Chemnitz, Germany
Your Comments:Very good work. I'm very interested in Bodypainting. And this page is very good to do my homeworks. I thank you for this stuff. Have a nice day. I see you !!!

Guestbook Entry #824
Visitor Name:veerle michiels
You Are From:Limburg, Belgie
Your Comments:Ik heb genoten, in 釪n woord prachtig. Wanneer kunnen we mannelijke modellen verwachten. Ze zijn zeker de uitdaging van het portreteren waard. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende up date van deze site.

Guestbook Entry #823
Visitor Name:jackie lyn ballori
You Are From:Manila, Philippines
Your Comments:I am overwhelmed and amazed with the photos and drawings I've seen in this website. I am really interested in viewing this updated website again. thank you.

Guestbook Entry #822
Visitor Name:prakash m
You Are From:mangalore, india
Your Comments:I apprecaite your photograph i like it and i enjoy it. keep it up. I think you are a most leading PHOTOGRAPHER. Thanking you. prakash m

Guestbook Entry #821
Visitor Name:Mark V.
You Are From:UK
Your Comments:Wonderfull work, thank you for sharing.

Guestbook Entry #820
Visitor Name:Emma B.
You Are From:Coventry, England
Your Comments:just took a look at your updated site and your work just seems to get better and better keep up the great work emma xx:

Guestbook Entry #819
Visitor Name:Gary B.
You Are From:London, Canada
Your Comments:Impressive. Wonderful work. From one artist to another, you have it!

Guestbook Entry #818
Visitor Name:Robert
You Are From:Fredericktown, MO., U.S.A
Your Comments:Beautiful, simply beautiful

Guestbook Entry #817
Visitor Name:fototaker
You Are From:Rota (Cadiz), SPAIN of course!
Your Comments:always nice to see your great imagery! have a great new years and a better year!

Guestbook Entry #816
Visitor Name:Koby Avraham
You Are From:Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:I don't have any words, just that your photos are like a old wine, your works are the best. have happy new year. and how know......

Guestbook Entry #815
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:Oranit, Israel
Your Comments:"Col Hacavod"!!!

Guestbook Entry #814
Visitor Name:Olaf
You Are From:잸lmere, Nederland
Your Comments:Hoi Amit, Ik heb (weer) genoten van je foto's. Met name de naakten buiten vind ik erg mooi. Ik ben zelf ook bezig met modelfotografie, niet zolang dus ik heb nog een hoop te leren. Als je eens wat van mijn werk zou willen zien: Groetjes, Olaf Schulte

Guestbook Entry #813
Visitor Name:eveline
You Are From:젨, holland
Your Comments:hallo amit, ik heb je update bekeken, het ziet er prachtig uit. Ik vind vooral nr 54 t/m 61 van de nudes erg mooi!

Guestbook Entry #812
Visitor Name:Jos Marin
You Are From:쟄oboken-Antwerpen, Belgie
Your Comments:Prachtige update het meest bevallen me de foto's in naaktopnamen de serie 54 tot 56 in portret 24 en bij kinderen 39 klasse werk groetjes Jos

Guestbook Entry #811
Visitor Name:Piet
You Are From:쟊elystad, holland
Your Comments:hij is en blijft prachtig Amit. groetjes Piet

Guestbook Entry #810
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:젨, Israel
Your Comments:Well done!!!

Guestbook Entry #809
Visitor Name:judith
You Are From:젨, holland
Your Comments:Very nice !!!!

Guestbook Entry #808
Visitor Name:Yakov Avraham
You Are From:젨, Israel
Your Comments:Thank you again for your wonderful site.

Guestbook Entry #807
Visitor Name:Lieuwe Miedema
You Are From:쟂riesland, Nederland
Your Comments:Bij landschappen en natuur zitten erg mooie foto's.

Guestbook Entry #806
Visitor Name:Tariq
You Are From:쟋ultan, Pakistan
Your Comments:Very good painting on humanbody and good colection in art.

Guestbook Entry #805
Visitor Name:Adnan Bayg
You Are From:쟊ahore, Pakistan
Your Comments:Hi Amit, Its really a great pleasure to seeing your art. It is excellent. One of my friend told me about your work with great insipiration, i found it so while seeing your art. Love: Adnan

Guestbook Entry #804
Visitor Name:Els
You Are From:쟔cherpenzeel, Nl
Your Comments:Ik zie nu net de naakt foto's. Erg mooi .. met stijl

Guestbook Entry #803
Visitor Name:ronald n haynes
You Are From:쟠hattanooga, usa
Your Comments:everthing you show is grate espicaly children 11/20/42 keep up the good work. THANKS, RONALD N HAYNES

Guestbook Entry #802
Visitor Name:Luc
You Are From:잻oetinchem, NL
Your Comments:Je site ziet er fantastisch uit!! Luc.

Guestbook Entry #801
Visitor Name:elis
You Are From:쟠hennaii, india
Your Comments:amazing snaps...really beautiful and vey impressive

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