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Guestbook Entry #800
Visitor Name:Helene moody & Craig Seabright
You Are From:†Poole, England
Your Comments:Thankyou your site is enspiring, easy to use and the layout is a minimalists dream that perfectly displays some outstanding work - a rarety on the web. Keep it up and will keep visiting it. Hopefully in the near future will have our own sight of similar standards which we hope you would enjoy equally. we will keep you posted. Please do the same for us. Thanks again.

Guestbook Entry #799
Visitor Name:wilboorts
You Are From:†antwerpen, belgie
Your Comments:heel proffesioneel gedaan knap werk

Guestbook Entry #798
Visitor Name:A.C. de Ridder
You Are From:†Amarante, Portugal
Your Comments:Very fine site with beautiful pictures !

Guestbook Entry #797
Visitor Name:jino
You Are From:†colombo, srilanka
Your Comments:wonderfull site... good taste.

Guestbook Entry #796
Visitor Name:Margot
You Are From:†Eindhoven, Netherlands
Your Comments:Was suprised by the beauty and diversity of your website, after being bored looking at fotograph'wanabees' who are not getting what you do! compliments. Like to learn from you...

Guestbook Entry #795
Visitor Name:Martin
You Are From:†Bruneck, Italy
Your Comments:Hy Amit, after a long time I revisit your site. Verry, verry nice! Gratings from Bruneck Martin.

Guestbook Entry #794
Visitor Name:diana
You Are From:†houston, USA
Your Comments:i really liked your work. especially the tiger-women! my homepage is: it has some of my drawings on it if you want to see them.

Guestbook Entry #793
Visitor Name:Dzine
You Are From:†Columbus, US
Your Comments:Youre site is amazing. I must go with bodypainting #9 as My Favorite. The look of wings is what hooked me onto that image. This is a great onoline gallery and I wish you the best in your works.

Guestbook Entry #792
Visitor Name:hans Drion
You Are From:†Oostzaan, Nederland
Your Comments:goede ideeen goed gemaakt. good ideas, made tehem well. go on

Guestbook Entry #791
Visitor Name:Chuck Buchanan
You Are From:†Philadelphia, USA
Your Comments:Hello, I found your magnificent a true inspiration.

Guestbook Entry #790
Visitor Name:Linde
You Are From:†Antwerpen, Belgie
Your Comments:ja, sorry dat ik u nog is stoor, ma zeg, die DRAWING 9, das dus fantastisch!!! Das super schoon! Gij kunt echt alles, ik bewonder u mega hard!groetjes Linde

Guestbook Entry #789
Visitor Name:Linde
You Are From:†Antwerpen, BelgiŽ
Your Comments:hey, mijn moeder kwam net met het fantastische voorstel om fotgrafie te gaan studeren! Ik ben dus 14 jaar, en ik hou van KSO onderwijs, maar ik vind het moeilijk, omdat je er later soms mee vast zit...Wa denk jij ervan? Groetjes Linde, ps: u site is zo bangelijk veel te mooi!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #788
Visitor Name:Linde
You Are From:†Antwerpen, BelgiŽ
Your Comments:hoi! Weer me Linde, 'k weet al ongeveer wa voor fototoestel ik wil hebben, maar als gij mij nog goeie raad kunt geven over een goei merk ofzo, altijd welkom!ps: nog is proficiat me uwe site!!! Groetjes Linde

Guestbook Entry #787
You Are From:†puerto vallarta, mexico
Your Comments:Congratulations for his work it(he) is extraordinary, prompt estare in holland linen and I expect to know mas about his work, it she has a daughter that this very proud about his father and always this thinking about you

Guestbook Entry #786
Visitor Name:ALEX LEVIN
You Are From:††, ISRAEL
Your Comments:You are amazing artist that I even saw!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wishes. visit me too

Guestbook Entry #785
Visitor Name:Joe Gibbs
You Are From:†Norfolk, England
Your Comments:I especially liked your photos of models in hatha yoga asanas. They're wonderful!

Guestbook Entry #784
Visitor Name:red
You Are From:†Manila, Phils.
Your Comments:nice photos and nice website as well! long live.

Guestbook Entry #783
Visitor Name:Heidi
You Are From:†Denver, U.S.
Your Comments:I have never seen such artwork like this. I am a artist myself so I am always looking at other peoples artwork. This has really caught my eye. A true inspiration! It is unique and beautiful with a flair of passion!

Guestbook Entry #782
Visitor Name:renate Galdey
You Are From:†amsterdam, nederland
Your Comments:There are fine pieces out here his style is one of a kind he's realy artistic and realistic in my eyes, I'm just feeling him. and it feels free, openminded.

Guestbook Entry #781
Visitor Name:keith
You Are From:†st.paul, us
Your Comments:i like this site i eynjoy the art

Guestbook Entry #780
Visitor Name:BeŇ Wass
You Are From:†TimrŚ, in the north of Sweden, Sweden
Your Comments:Hej ! Have a nice "PŇSK". Iīm glad to see your site. Beautiful pictures. BeŇ. homesite:

Guestbook Entry #779
Visitor Name:Simion
You Are From:†kibbutz Ginegar, Israel
Your Comments:the meod yafe,toda raba i bhazlaha!!!

Guestbook Entry #778
Visitor Name:Bruce Cucuel
You Are From:†Casselberry, Fl, USA
Your Comments:A most enjoyable site. Your artistic efforts sdide from being pleasurable the obvious result of much training. Your selection of medium, paint,drawing, or photo is accurate! Bruce

Guestbook Entry #777
Visitor Name:herman
You Are From:†b, nl
Your Comments:prachtige foto`s

Guestbook Entry #776
Visitor Name:Jessica
You Are From:†Truro(Cornwall), England
Your Comments:the images within this collection are very precise. The nature images use colour,shape and texture well,the landscape images explore the wonders that make up our surroundings and the nudes explore the human body to a great extent.I am near to completeing a photography A-level at the moment and have gained much inspiration from the nudes for my final coursework piece-thankyou for sharing them with everyone.

Guestbook Entry #775
Visitor Name:Tina
You Are From:†, Estonia
Your Comments:Nice works!

Guestbook Entry #774
Visitor Name:Guy
You Are From:†Haifa, Israel
Your Comments:Hello! :)

Guestbook Entry #773
Visitor Name:Arthur Platten
You Are From:†La Verne, CA 91750
Your Comments:Evertime I visit your site, it just gets better.You are a true artist. Thanks for the fine work. Art Platten

Guestbook Entry #772
Visitor Name:nella
You Are From:†doetinchem,
Your Comments:complimenten. Ik vind het mooie werken. gr. nella (zwembad)

Guestbook Entry #771
Visitor Name:Rebecca Albers
You Are From:†,
Your Comments:Mooie foto's...Eigen stijl die me erg aanspreekt!

Guestbook Entry #770
Visitor Name:Wanda
You Are From:†WWW, Nederland
Your Comments:Ik vind uw werk bijzonder spannend en dit omgeven door een hele mooie site. Ik wens u verder nog heel veel success !

Guestbook Entry #769
Visitor Name:Hugo
You Are From:†Den Haag, NL
Your Comments:Geweldige foto's! Erg mooie lichtomstandigheden.

Guestbook Entry #768
Visitor Name:F.A.Hecht
You Are From:†Orangeburg, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Love your art and would like to see more. Thank You!

Guestbook Entry #767
Visitor Name:NECRO
You Are From:†OSAKA, JAPAN
Your Comments:Hello Your art is strange but beautiful!! We are TAN of the photographer in Japan. We want for you to see our site. Then, we want for you to feel something. We wait for the message from you. you!!!!

Guestbook Entry #766
Visitor Name:Simone besure
You Are From:†solana beach, usa
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #765
Visitor Name:meital ashkenazi
You Are From:†Paris, France
Your Comments:I'm from Israel and I'm study in Paris right now, I was looking some site about holland (internet site) and then I got this name Amit Bar witch I have never heard befor, I took a look in his (your site) site and all I have to say is WOW, that means amazing, so beautiful how come I have never heard that name in Israel, too bad but still it's really amazing so much creative thank you. Meital

Guestbook Entry #764
Visitor Name:Theo
You Are From:†Rotterdam, NL
Your Comments:When i had half of you're talent.......Beautifull pics and paintings.Pitty for the high price.Take care.And go on.See you back soon.

Guestbook Entry #763
Visitor Name:Raes Yvan
You Are From:†Antwerpen, BelgiŽ
Your Comments:Geachte, Ik vind de combinatie tussen Uw grafisch werk en fotografie prachtig... ik stuur U eveneens een email waar ik U om advies vraag. Wanneer U zo vriendelijk wil zijn mij te antwoorden, ben ik U daar zeer erkentelijk voor. Met hoogachting, Yvan Raes

Guestbook Entry #762
Visitor Name:Jack
You Are From:†Victoria, Canada
Your Comments:You do wonderful work!! Thanks for sharing it! Jack

Guestbook Entry #761
Visitor Name:Namir
You Are From:†Voorschoten, Nederland
Your Comments:Ik feliciteer u van hart , het site is fantastisch en alle uw foto's zijn echt heel mooi , en vooral die naakten .

Guestbook Entry #760
Visitor Name:Fedor Breugem
You Are From:†Den Haag, NL
Your Comments:Ik vind het een onwijs mooie site en ik wilde U dan ook even feliciteren met uw 1.000.000 ste bezoeker

Guestbook Entry #759
Visitor Name:Dennis Richards
You Are From:†silver spring md,
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #758
Visitor Name:Marisa Cochran
You Are From:†Ashland, U.S.A
Your Comments:Dearest Amit: Thank you for letting me know about the update with your work. Such an archive of creativity. Growing ! Enjoyed as always. Much success ! Marisa

Guestbook Entry #757
Visitor Name:elzinga
You Are From:†groningen, nederland
Your Comments:mooi echte kunst mijn complimenten

Guestbook Entry #756
Visitor Name:Miluse Veverkova
You Are From:†Dolni Benesov, Czech Republic
Your Comments:I study photo 3 years...I am 18 years.(if you want:http:www:// have a good photo.But best of all is your nature photo and collages.I photo acts and portraits...

Guestbook Entry #755
Visitor Name:Ken York Sr.
You Are From:†Mt. Vernon In., US
Your Comments:your work is beyound my words, your work is beautiful,and relaxin to enjoy looking at.keep up the fine work. ps. where can I find more of your work? thanks again for your great works Ken

Guestbook Entry #754
Visitor Name:Martin
You Are From:†Bruneck, South-Tyrol/Italy
Your Comments:Hy Amit, you have a verry, verry nice page. Its in more parts near my site. You can found ma site under Good luck and have a nice light! Martin

Guestbook Entry #753
Visitor Name:Terrirp20
You Are From:†Belcourt, united states
Your Comments:I enjoyed you updates, but I felt disturbed by on of your pictures. It was under children and the number is 39. Maybe that's what you intendedit to be. In a way it was frightening, but I'm no expert. I really liked #13 I always wanted to photogragh the sun like that. It was beautiful. I apologize if I offended you. Terri

Guestbook Entry #752
Visitor Name:tony kent
You Are From:†kilmore quay, ireland
Your Comments:best nude photography i have seen, beauty dignity

Guestbook Entry #751
Visitor Name:fam.Zwart
You Are From:†Doetinchem, Nederland
Your Comments:Dag Amit, we lazen in de krant van deze site! En we vinden hem heel erg Leuk, overzichtelijk en er staan mooie maar ook hele leuke foto's in groetjes fam.Zwart

Guestbook Entry #750
Visitor Name:JŲrg-Werner Busse
You Are From:†Simmern/Westerwald, Germany
Your Comments:Hello Amit, sorry for my not good english, I learn english in this time. This site is very nice, and the "top of the week" (Surttip) site and on the next week. Wirh the best greetings from germany. JŲrg from

Guestbook Entry #749
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:†, Israel
Your Comments:Well Done!!!

Guestbook Entry #748
You Are From:†EWING, USA

Guestbook Entry #747
Visitor Name:Elena Lazar
You Are From:†Suceava, Romania
Your Comments:Beautiful...

Guestbook Entry #746
Visitor Name:klaas bakker
You Are From:†urk, nederland
Your Comments:i think this is the greatest site of the all internet. i hope you send my a lot of infomation about this site to my e-mail adres. specaili of the nudes i am interset about the men's body's. (i'am gay) you now. thanks for putting a site on internet like this one. goodby klaas.

Guestbook Entry #745
Visitor Name:CPCoelho
You Are From:†Lisbon, Portugal
Your Comments:Celebrating your million visitors! You deserve them and we all wish your creativity to keep shooting.

Guestbook Entry #744
Visitor Name:Yakov Avraham
You Are From:†Beer-Sheva, My hart in Holland
Your Comments:As always it is very good for me to be in your site, very good work in every category. my wish is to work with you only for one day,When I am in Holland.

Guestbook Entry #743
Visitor Name:MariŽn Jos
You Are From:†Antwerpen-Hoboken, Belgie
Your Comments:Beste Amit steeds verbaast u me met uw werk,in een woord Mooooi! Jos MariŽn

Guestbook Entry #742
Visitor Name:Han Wijman
You Are From:†Hengelo, Nederland
Your Comments:Wederom schitterende nieuwe foto's.

Guestbook Entry #741
Visitor Name:leon
You Are From:†Alphen a/d Rijn, Ned!
Your Comments:bijzonder mooie site; ik heb hier erg veel ideeŽn opgedaan!L.

Guestbook Entry #740
Visitor Name:Gaby
You Are From:†Utrecht, Nederland
Your Comments:Deze site is erg cool en aan gezien ik wel iets voor fotografie voel denk ik dat ik dit later wil worden. Ik ben namelijk nog maar 13 jaar en ik vind het moeilijk een beroep te kiezen niet dat ik dat nu al moet doen,maar ik moet wel alvast weten welke opleiding ik moet doen dus. Nou veel succes met alles doei groetjes -x- Gaby

Guestbook Entry #739
Visitor Name:Bob Hensley
You Are From:†Sydney, Australia
Your Comments:I am a photographer in Sydney Australia. I love your web site, and your photography is great. Keep up the good work Wishing you all the very best. Bob Hensley

Guestbook Entry #738
Visitor Name:DANA
Your Comments:loved your works!

Guestbook Entry #737
Visitor Name:Herman Loggen
You Are From:†Heiloo, Nederland
Your Comments:Fantastische foto's, met plezier naar gekeken. kom ook eens kijken op mijn internet site:

Guestbook Entry #736
Visitor Name:TAN H NGUYEN
You Are From:†CHARLESTOWN,MA 02129, USA
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #735
Visitor Name:Robbie Vermeersch
You Are From:†Hooglede, BelgiŽ
Your Comments:Prachtige foto's die de doorslag gaven over mijn studiekeuze: fotografie!

Guestbook Entry #734
Visitor Name:Katie
You Are From:†Carson City, US
Your Comments:I really like your photos. They are fun and interesting to look at, and make you think about your own personal meaning behind them...

Guestbook Entry #733
Visitor Name:james wong
You Are From:†, Singapore
Your Comments:Great & Lovely, Rgds,jw from Singapore. Thank you.

Guestbook Entry #732
Visitor Name:bert van rijswijk
You Are From:†terwolde,NL
Your Comments:

Guestbook Entry #731
Visitor Name:glenn
You Are From:†Bakersfield, USA
Your Comments:I am very impressed with your work [ I especially enjoy the Landscapes and the photo collages -- excellent work. Thanks for sharing them with meglenn

Guestbook Entry #730
Visitor Name:Heinz Hedderich
You Are From:†Beckingen, Germany
Your Comments:Her home page pleaces me very well. Will visit it on occasion. Pleace- Text was translated by a computer!

Guestbook Entry #729
Visitor Name:P.W.Chrzanowski
You Are From:†Greenfield, USA
Your Comments:Amit Bar, I am young art student from greenfield, massachusettes. One night while one the internet i found your webpage. Your work is very stimulating and impressive. Not to many sites on the internet have work as incredible as yours. I am a young striving artist, and i always love hearing feed back from artist's about their work. If its not too much trouble i would like to hear some of your thoughts and processes about your landscapes and collages. Their wonderful. P.W.Chrzanowski, USA

Guestbook Entry #728
Visitor Name:Heather Allen
You Are From:†Lafayette, United States
Your Comments:I love your work. I have done modeling very similar to the nudes you have done. I worked with an artist in Ogden, Utah. I really enjoy your work and would love to see more. Heather

Guestbook Entry #727
Visitor Name:mishael
You Are From:†sofia, bulgaria
Your Comments:verry good pikshers i am happy to look him

Guestbook Entry #726
Visitor Name:sergio waksman design inc.
You Are From:†tampa, florida
Your Comments:excellent stuff. I love the concept shown in your body paintings group especially the mondrians. I spent five years in Israel including four at Bezalel. your name was familiar when I saw it on a site( thanks.

Guestbook Entry #725
Visitor Name:jilke
You Are From:†Gouda, Nederland
Your Comments:Wat een leuke site ik ben zelf ook erg bezig met fotografie en hoop daar ook net zo goed in te worden als u

Guestbook Entry #724
Visitor Name:Bert
You Are From:†Groningen, Nederland
Your Comments:Ik vind vooral de foto's van landschappen en natuur erg mooi. Heb ervan genoten!

Guestbook Entry #723
Visitor Name:tanja koning
You Are From:†delfzijl, nederland
Your Comments:prachtige site, veel liefs tanja.

Guestbook Entry #722
Visitor Name:daphne werner
You Are From:†leiden, nederland
Your Comments:knappe foto's en al even mooie tekeningen,zelf heb ik al een aantal keer als naaktmodel geposeerd en al vele vele dingen gezien ,maar hiertussen zitten echt een aantal leuke en knappe platen ,..

Guestbook Entry #721
Visitor Name:Grant Keller
You Are From:†Tigard, USA
Your Comments:Loved the photos', good luck on future pictures.

Guestbook Entry #720
Visitor Name:nadine
You Are From:†, Canada
Your Comments:i really enjoy your work the updates are beautiful. Thank you for keeping me updated with your progress :-)

Guestbook Entry #719
Visitor Name:Alberto Webbink
You Are From:†Vroomshoop, Nederland
Your Comments:Beste Amit, Bedankt voor je e-mailtje, ik heb de foto`s en tekeningen gezien, bijzonder leuk geworden, ruim voldoende !!! Met vriendelijke groet Alberto

Guestbook Entry #718
Visitor Name:Terri Poitra
You Are From:†Belcourt, United States
Your Comments:I love all of your art that give us the privlege to see. They all touched my heart, especially the children. I can not have children, so thanks for all the beautiful art... Terri

Guestbook Entry #717
Visitor Name:brandon
You Are From:†westbrought, MA, U.S.
Your Comments:i loved it

Guestbook Entry #716
Visitor Name:Alfred Huizinga
You Are From:†Harderwijk, nl
Your Comments:Hoi Amit, zo te zien heb ik nog heel wat te doen! Heel mooi, vooral de collages en bodypaintings. Groet, Alfred.

Guestbook Entry #715
Visitor Name:billy
You Are From:†bathurst, australia
Your Comments:happened onto your site and must tell you its great and refreshing to browse thruogh your work and view everything there i spent a great deal of time there and i will keep coming back everything there is a reminder of what people can do if they putr there minds to it , well done keep up the great workxx bill

Guestbook Entry #714
Visitor Name:
You Are From:†bromley , england
Your Comments:very good site

Guestbook Entry #713
Visitor Name:Aart &Ria
You Are From:†,
Your Comments:Amit, nog steeds mooie site. Erg goed met doorverwijzingen. Groetjes en hele fijne jaarwisseling van Ria en Aart. Dat 2001 maar een jaar met veel creativiteit en omzet mag worden!

Guestbook Entry #712
Visitor Name:Marisa Cochran
You Are From:†Ashland , U.S.A.
Your Comments:Hello again ! I was here and you have such a wonderful collection of work . The body-paintings are still my favorite since they are so unique and fun. I enjoyed it all though. Best wishes to you always ....Marisa

Guestbook Entry #711
Visitor Name:lei sevriens
You Are From:†koningsbosch, nederland
Your Comments:ziet er mooi uit ben op je seit te recht gekomen door de fotos in de naturisme. groetjes lei

Guestbook Entry #710
Visitor Name:Piet
You Are From:†Lelystad, Holland
Your Comments:Ik heb als vanouds genoten van jou website Amit wens jou en de familie een heel gezond en goed fotojaar groetjes Piet Grim

Guestbook Entry #709
Visitor Name:Itzik
You Are From:†, Israel
Your Comments:Kol Hacavod!!!

Guestbook Entry #708
Visitor Name:Hector
You Are From:†Chicago, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Very Creative...I Enjoyed Your site.I Will Visit Again To Check Out You Updated Work.

Guestbook Entry #707
Visitor Name:Jo
You Are From:†, USA
Your Comments:I love visiting here and seeing the progress! Thanks for keeping in touch.

Guestbook Entry #706
Visitor Name:sandra
You Are From:†doetinchem, nederland
Your Comments:Heel wreed! Schitterend!

Guestbook Entry #705
Visitor Name:Han Wijman
You Are From:†Hengelo, Nederland
Your Comments:Blij verrast met de E-mail heb ik weer genoten van jouw foto's. Wederom vind ik de landschappen zeer indrukwekkend. Ik ben zelf sinds kort in het bezit van een digitale camera. Groeten, Han Wijman

Guestbook Entry #704
Visitor Name:albin
You Are From:†altendorf, switzerland
Your Comments:sehr professionel, super die painting darstellung der modelle augenweide - albin

Guestbook Entry #703
Visitor Name:Alex Houwaart
You Are From:†noordwijk, nederland
Your Comments:heel erg mooi

Guestbook Entry #702
Visitor Name:JŲrg
You Are From:†Simmern/Westerwald, Germany
Your Comments:Hello, thie is a beatiful site with wonderful photos. Its very nice. Sorry for me english, is not so good. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, wish JŲrg from germany

Guestbook Entry #701
Visitor Name:ņĮŬ»Ů
You Are From:†,
Your Comments:good! good!

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