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Guestbook Entry #500
Visitor Name: Karin Johansson
You Are From: "The Bestcoust", Sweden
Your Comments:What a Wonderful Page!The Picture i great!!Fantastic!!!

Guestbook Entry #499
Visitor Name: shimon schwartz
You Are From: kfar blum, israel
Your Comments:kol ha kavod

Guestbook Entry #498
Visitor Name: Umesh Singh
You Are From: Bombay, India
Your Comments:Excellent Phototography. Keep it up.

Guestbook Entry #497
Visitor Name: Jason Wall
You Are From: Peterborough, England
Your Comments:What an excellent website you obviously own a superb talent.

Guestbook Entry #496
Visitor Name: alon levite
You Are From: , Israel

Guestbook Entry #495
Visitor Name: Carlos César
You Are From: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Your Comments:Very nice pictures... congratulations

Guestbook Entry #494
Visitor Name: Gabriël Haakman
You Are From: Alkmaar, Holland
Your Comments:Erg mooi werk en daarbij een mooie en overzichtelijke website. Ik blijf je werk op het web volgen.

Guestbook Entry #493
Visitor Name: Adriana Roharikova
You Are From: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Your Comments:Beautifull. Thanks.

Guestbook Entry #492
Visitor Name: bojan mavric
You Are From: kranj, slovenija
Your Comments:you are a great fotografer.We are (with my wife)fotomodels and we search work for fotomodels.Can you help us? Thank you! Bojan and Tanja

Guestbook Entry #491
Visitor Name: Aberilla Theresa
You Are From: tielt, belgium
Your Comments:great jobs just a little too european for me

Guestbook Entry #490
Visitor Name: matt
You Are From: Cincinnati, USA
Your Comments:very impressive website

Guestbook Entry #489
Visitor Name: chica_x
You Are From: canas de senhorim, portugal
Your Comments:your page is very good. Good work !!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #488
Visitor Name: Natalie
You Are From: jerusalem,
Your Comments:will you add new pictures soon? *waiting for an answer* Natalie

Guestbook Entry #487
Visitor Name: klaartje versmissen
You Are From: turnhout, belgie
Your Comments:beste amit , hier nog eens een briefke van klaartje. Je had me aleens terug gemaild met de vraag welk werk ik van je wilde ter illustratie voor de jury voor mijn eindwerk!!Nu ben jij nog steeds degene die volledig voldoet aan de eisen waar mijn werken ook aan zouden moeten voldoen. Naakt,fotografie,een mysterieus beeld,het meisje dat de naieve en onderdanige rol moet spelen...Ik heb daarvoor met mijn vriend model gestaan en de foto's zijn zeer sterk qua licht,compositie en kleur.Ik heb namelijk voor "cyanotypy-ontwikkeling gekozen" die ik dan ook zelf uitvoer.Ken je die methode? Die wordt nog maar weinig toegepast. Kan je me a.u.b.soortgelijke werken toesturen? Copy's dan wel he? Laat me maar iets weten,o.k? de liefste groeten van Klaartje. Laat je me snel iets weten?

Guestbook Entry #486
Visitor Name: hairue
You Are From: kl, malaysia
Your Comments:did you take those photo?i'm interested in ur photo collage...and this page was neatly design too.

Guestbook Entry #485
Visitor Name: j.j.holt
You Are From: churubusco, in. usa

Guestbook Entry #484
Visitor Name: daniel griffith
You Are From: orlando fl, USA
Your Comments:Nice work. I am an Ilustrator/Photographer. Nice simple layout.

Guestbook Entry #483
Visitor Name: Jaap
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Leuke site, mooie foto's. Helaas wel een lage resolutie en een hoge compressiefactor bij de jpg. Zorgt voor die vervelende rimpeltjes bij randen...

Guestbook Entry #482
Visitor Name: david
You Are From: ga, united states
Your Comments:this is a great site i love the art work keep it up

Guestbook Entry #481
Visitor Name: Thomas Swafford
You Are From: Chattanooga, U.S.A.
Your Comments: Very nice work . I especially like the collages and the nudes . Some of the nudes remind me of some shots that I've done . The outdoor body paints were fantasic . What kind of body paint did you use on the models ?

Guestbook Entry #480
Visitor Name: ben Ernst
You Are From: santpoort, nederland
Your Comments:I enjoied watching your photos. I was and am interested in bodypainting and photography. Especcialy the photography in nature is wonderful. I am inspired. thank you.

Guestbook Entry #479
Visitor Name: Steve Garrett
You Are From: Brazoria, TX, USA
Your Comments:I enjoyed the photos. Only had time to look at a few. Will return to view more later. You have a good eye for the artistic value of images and color.

Guestbook Entry #478
Visitor Name: Tatiana
You Are From: Minsk, Belarus
Your Comments:I've spent a great hours enjoining your arts... thank you!

Guestbook Entry #477
Visitor Name: roger fisher
You Are From: aurora ill., usa
Your Comments: Have always enjoyed artistic nudes, that's how young artists today love to express themselves. Body painting is the art of the new millinium. Send me a catalog, I love your stuff. Chow-

Guestbook Entry #476
Visitor Name: Rune Berget
You Are From: Kvam, Norway
Your Comments:A lot of really great pictures.

Guestbook Entry #475
Visitor Name: HaejinHam
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:hello! My name is Haejin Ham.I live in Korea. Your photos made me so impressed. Your photos very nice. thank you!

Guestbook Entry #474
Visitor Name: Koby Avraham
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:Dear Amit As always i love your work, the new one are very good. see you on line. Koby

Guestbook Entry #473
Visitor Name: jena
You Are From: sydney, australia
Your Comments:great site.. keep up the good work. the photography/drawings are great. later jen

Guestbook Entry #472
Visitor Name: David Melamed
You Are From: London, UK
Your Comments:Hi Amit, I hope that you remember who am I. I found your site and was very impressed. I live now with Yael who was Shal. On a marketing mission from Palram in the UK. Will be nice to hear from you or even meet once by a chance. All the best, Dada.

Guestbook Entry #471
Visitor Name: Michael
You Are From: Cork, Irl.
Your Comments:Love your work,

Guestbook Entry #470
Visitor Name: Ronnie Seagroves
You Are From: Shepherd, USA
Your Comments:Beautiful work. The body paint was very bold. I liked it.

Guestbook Entry #469
Visitor Name: Patrik
You Are From: Katrineholm, Sweden
Your Comments:Great page!

Guestbook Entry #468
Visitor Name: Jason Donaldson
You Are From: Mt Rainier, US
Your Comments:I found your pictures very creative and a joy to view. A neat Website. Take Care, Jason

Guestbook Entry #467
Visitor Name: Daniel Moore
You Are From: Chico, USA
Your Comments:love the nude lifestyle and your pics are real nice.

Guestbook Entry #466
Visitor Name: Nelci Rogério Gomes
You Are From: Caxias do Sul, Brasil
Your Comments:Meus parabéns! São fotos lindas.

Guestbook Entry #465
Visitor Name: jon cross
You Are From: pittsburg, kansas
Your Comments:Dude i loved the body paintings. those where the best i have ever sean. keep up the good work.

Guestbook Entry #464
Visitor Name: Lothar
You Are From: Hoya, Deutschland
Your Comments:Sehr interessante Anregungen und wundervolle Fotografien. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Foto für Vorderseite Speisekarte " Bistro". Sollte recht modern sein (z.B. Frauen am Billiardtisch oder so )Kannst Du mir helfen ? mfg Lothar aus Norddeutschland

Guestbook Entry #463
Visitor Name: Ann Z
You Are From: Zhuhai, China
Your Comments:It's easy to find the beauty out of the nature than the human being.Good shot.

Guestbook Entry #462
Visitor Name: corrie megens
You Are From: millingen a.d.rijn, nederland
Your Comments:Amit, wat een mooie foto's en sommige zo herkenbaar omdat ik ook in Gelderland woon een hele leuke site om te bezoeken. Je foto's zijn een inspiratie voor een amateurtje als ik

Guestbook Entry #461
Visitor Name: DOC
You Are From: TAMPA, USA

Guestbook Entry #460
Visitor Name: A. Nair
You Are From: , South India
Your Comments:I really enjoyed going through the pieces of art created by you. I too had wanted to become a photographer, but the down the line I understood it was not my cup of tea. Wishing You All The Best

Guestbook Entry #459
Visitor Name: Natalie
You Are From: Jerusalem, Israel
Your Comments:it's so amazing!!! I have to tell you, it is!!!! I love them all, I keep them, you have a lovely eye for art, it's like clay to your hand! WELL DONE!! +Natalie+

Guestbook Entry #458
Visitor Name: Mia
You Are From: Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Hello, I really enjoyed viewing your gallery. My favorites was the BodyArt Gallery. It is refreshing to experience original artwork.

Guestbook Entry #457
Visitor Name: Red Harrell
You Are From: Lawrence, USA
Your Comments:Like your body paintings. What kind of paints are you using?

Guestbook Entry #456
Visitor Name: ELMER HAMANN

Guestbook Entry #455
Visitor Name: Camilo
You Are From: cipolletti, argentina
Your Comments:It was a nice experience to come in into your photo gallery. I really enjoyed it. thanks

Guestbook Entry #454
Visitor Name: Tina
You Are From: Garland, USA
Your Comments:Great work !

Guestbook Entry #453
Visitor Name: Greg Hood
You Are From: Ottawa, Canada
Your Comments:My background is a mix of science and arts. Your work appealed to me. The words that come to my lips are: inventive, carefully framed / posed, with clarity, color, balance, a tranquility ... I don't have the eye or vocabulary to articulate exactly what distinguishes your pictures, but as a group they left me feeling good after viewing them.

Guestbook Entry #452
Visitor Name: Karen Doherty
You Are From: Charlotte, N.C.

Guestbook Entry #451
Visitor Name: baris
You Are From: balýkesir, turkey
Your Comments:ý thýnk you are doýng the best

Guestbook Entry #450
Visitor Name: Ria
You Are From: Heerhugowaard, Nederland
Your Comments:Amit, Leuk je werk weer gezien te hebben, tot ziens, Ria, ook namens Aart

Guestbook Entry #449
Visitor Name: shlomo shoham
You Are From: shoham, Israel
Your Comments:Hi Amit, ohev erom ohev et Holand ohev omanut lots of love in Valentines Day shlomo

Guestbook Entry #448
Visitor Name: MARINA
Your Comments:VERY GOOD! I must say of the painted nudes my favorites are still, the ones on the rocks. Your doing very well on your website. Keep up the good work check back with you later.

Guestbook Entry #447
Visitor Name: William Thomas Williams
You Are From: Brewton, USA
Your Comments:I love your nude photos. The only request I have is that you include more African-American women and Asian women. Thank you. Bill Williams

Guestbook Entry #446
Visitor Name: Bob Claeys
You Are From: Newark, USA
Your Comments:your B/w in the Snap shots are surpising these are similar to my work. I just haven't got it onto a webpage Yet. It inspired me. keep up the great work.

Guestbook Entry #445
Visitor Name: Elvar Mosquera
You Are From: Bogotá, Colombia
Your Comments:Muy buena.

Guestbook Entry #444
You Are From: D.F., México
Your Comments:Me interesó mucho su página, espero me envíen más información relacionada con ella.

Guestbook Entry #443
Visitor Name: Itzik
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:Nice Job. "Chazak ve Ematz"

Guestbook Entry #442
Visitor Name: Jo
You Are From: Vermont, USA
Your Comments:What a wonderful site to spend time in! You do wonderful and very interesting work. I really appreciate the email you send to me to let me know of your newest endeavors. Thanks very much, Jo

Guestbook Entry #441
Visitor Name: Dr. Ahrar Khan
You Are From: Faisalabad, Pakistan
Your Comments:Excellent job done: Congratulations

Guestbook Entry #440
Visitor Name: Natasha Marshall
You Are From: Antioch, CA
Your Comments:Ive looked at your work and I think you really good I would like to know how much I would have to pay you to take some pictures of me. (925) 978-0161. Thank you

Guestbook Entry #439
Visitor Name: paul robinson jr
You Are From: brooklyn, usa
Your Comments:great work,lot of talent there,keep it up

Guestbook Entry #438
Visitor Name: medan tal
You Are From: maccabi, israel
Your Comments:nice

Guestbook Entry #437
Visitor Name: Tapas
You Are From: Calcutta, India
Your Comments:Excellent. I liked the body paint best

Guestbook Entry #436
Visitor Name: mathieu karsenti
You Are From: London, UK
Your Comments:Great website! Here's one you might be interested in for a possible link:

Guestbook Entry #435
Visitor Name: Mishelle
You Are From: Coolangatta, Australia
Your Comments:I was very impressed with ecerything that I saw in ALL of the galleries. I will be visiting this site again. Next time I will get my husband to look also, he appreciates fine art like yours.

Guestbook Entry #434
Visitor Name: Andrijana & Aleksandar
You Are From: Prilep, Macedonia
Your Comments:Great photos.

Guestbook Entry #433
Visitor Name: Nikola
You Are From: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Your Comments:Very nice.

Guestbook Entry #432
Visitor Name: Amit Chaffee
You Are From: Williamsburg, Virginia, United States of America
Your Comments:I am originally from Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael, just north of Caesaria. I've just run across your site and am already a fan. I especially like the body paint section. Your work is very elegant and beautiful.

Guestbook Entry #431
Visitor Name: Jack Zemla
You Are From: Intervale,NH, USA
Your Comments:Very nice quality. Excellent

Guestbook Entry #430
Visitor Name: Jenne de Boois
You Are From: Doetinchem, Nederland
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, Ik heb veel over jou gehoord vis Ritsert, mijn broertje. Nu heb ik eindelijk jouw web-site gezien en ik vind dat je het goede werk moet ophouden. Succes, Jenne.

Guestbook Entry #429
Visitor Name: debbie
You Are From: New York City, United States
Your Comments:You have wonderful talent...really beautiful stuff. It brightened up my day!

Guestbook Entry #428
Visitor Name: Renzo Bianchetti
You Are From: Vina del Mar, Chile
Your Comments:I enjoyed very much this site, very good quality, and it's very artistic. keep up the good work!!!!

Guestbook Entry #427
Visitor Name: Joseph Aguilar
You Are From: Toulouse, France
Your Comments:Beautiful work, especially Body-Paint. Is there any art-club devoted to body-paint in South of France or North of Spain (Catalonia) ?

Guestbook Entry #426
Visitor Name: David Fry
You Are From: Ferragudo, Portugal
Your Comments:Excelent the standard of art is only matched by the presentation of the web site,a real pleasure to view.

Guestbook Entry #425
Visitor Name: Erick Deans
You Are From: Leuven, Brabant
Your Comments:Graag wil ik de kunstenaar van de bodypainting mijn bewondering meedelen. Eindelijk nog eens wat creatieve en expresieve beeldvorming op levend model die niet houterig beweegt. Je hebt mij creatieve instinkten geprikkeld en hopelijk kan ik u deze op internet ooit eens laten zien. Nog veel succes.

Guestbook Entry #424
Visitor Name: Versmissen Klaartje
You Are From: Turnhout, Belgie
Your Comments:Voor mijn geintegreerde proef van mijn laatste jaar vrij beeldende kunsten kan ik uw naaktfoto's van man en vrouw zeer goed gebruiken omdat mijn eindwerk i.v.m. fotografie ook een collage zal worden met op de afbeelding een naakte vrouw en man,uw werken zijn voor mij een schitterende illustratie . Als u zo vrij zou willen zijn ,kan u dan enige informatie terugmailen over dat soort werken dat u maakt en misschien ook een paar afbeeldingen van uw werken? Dank bij voorbaat . Vele groeten uit Turnhout. Klaartje

Guestbook Entry #423
Visitor Name: Menti Toe-Usansuu ( Liberian-Finnish )
You Are From: Helsinki, Finland
Your Comments:I´m working on a website of my own.And by chance I came across your interesting web-site gallery.Am not an artist, but love the many contracts of your fine art. Most, I admired the Body-Paint & Landscapes. I´m a student of IT ( programme designer) Keep up the fine work; & wish you well.

Guestbook Entry #422
Visitor Name: Brian
You Are From: jackson,ms, USA
Your Comments:your work is super!!!I understand what level you are on, because I'm there too.

Guestbook Entry #421
Visitor Name: bob cowens
You Are From: bluffton IND, USA
Your Comments:you have a very broad view,and a clear definition's in you're work. I also think you would do well, working with a high class fashion designer-(clothing). best wishes BOBC

Guestbook Entry #420
Visitor Name: Rose
You Are From: , USA
Your Comments:Beautiful....

Guestbook Entry #419
Visitor Name: jan
You Are From: antwerpen, belgie
Your Comments:nogmaals proficiat met de prachtige fotografie in de verschillende kategorien alsnog een happy 2000 !! groetjes en keep up the good work !

Guestbook Entry #418
Visitor Name: Bob
You Are From: Newark, USA
Your Comments:the way you use the light to work with your subject is great I've been try to get this same look for a while. Keep up the good work.

Guestbook Entry #417
Visitor Name: Yordan Porashki
You Are From: Kneja, Bulgaria
Your Comments:I like it - English is not my mother language so I can't express myself like in Bulgarian. You are a good photographer

Guestbook Entry #416
Visitor Name: SUMEET
You Are From: MUSCAT, OMAN

Guestbook Entry #415
Visitor Name: bobby wines
You Are From: church hill, halkins
Your Comments:i like your photos

Guestbook Entry #414
Visitor Name: einat
You Are From: haifa, israel
Your Comments:it was a pleasure!

Guestbook Entry #413
Visitor Name: Bethany Pfau
You Are From: Baltimore, USA
Your Comments:Great site!!!

Guestbook Entry #412
Visitor Name: M fathers & c brown
You Are From: mosgiel, new zealand
Your Comments:some really fine work love the b&w's!

Guestbook Entry #411
Visitor Name: james r.c.
You Are From: merced ca, usa
Your Comments:the body nude is beautiful

Guestbook Entry #410
Visitor Name: James Rael
You Are From: fullerton, USA
Your Comments:Amit Bar's earned my respect with his elegant representation of the human being within the body, using only the body to show it. His nudes are outstanding.

Guestbook Entry #409
Visitor Name: Dave Dowling
You Are From: St.Louis MO., USA
Your Comments: I enjoyed your website.

Guestbook Entry #408
Visitor Name: Claphouwers M
You Are From: Antwerpen , Belgie
Your Comments:Als amateur fotograaf weet ik deze werken zeker te apprecieren en zal kijk vol ongeduld uit naar uw nieuwe werken. Alvast Proficiat.

Guestbook Entry #407
Visitor Name: red p. santos
You Are From: manila, philippines
Your Comments:your site is great, i enjoyed everyting in it. hope u can share me tips on basic photography coz i need for my job. ty!

Guestbook Entry #406
Visitor Name: busselen
You Are From: 3600, belgie
Your Comments:prachtige foto's

Guestbook Entry #405
Visitor Name: MarkuS
You Are From: , Austria
Your Comments:great pics, really. do you know other sites like yours? i collect pics. thanx i have saved some of yours! I hope that will be no problem! MarkuS

Guestbook Entry #404
Visitor Name: ilker savran
You Are From: ýsparta, turkey
Your Comments:congrulations for your good photos

Guestbook Entry #403
Visitor Name: Lorry Harker
You Are From: Wilmington, USA
Your Comments:Once again I have truly enjoyed viewing your art work. You are truly talented.

Guestbook Entry #402
You Are From: lakewood, United States
Your Comments:Thank you for telling me about your updated work, as always it brings me great joy to view them; Please let me know if you will be in the Denver Colorado area.

Guestbook Entry #401
Visitor Name: Robert Vanderbrugen
You Are From: Fredericktown, Missouri, USA
Your Comments:Stopped by to enjoy your site. Located your link on the body art news group. You are very talented.

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