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Guestbook Entry #400
Visitor Name: Ray Bosanko
You Are From: Spokane,Wa, USA
Your Comments:You have an very interesting site. I like the way that you combine art and photo-graphy together.

Guestbook Entry #399
Visitor Name: mies
You Are From: Deutekom,
Your Comments:mooi !!!!!!!!!!giga........mies

Guestbook Entry #398
Visitor Name: yakov Avraham
You Are From: Beer-Sheva, Israel
Your Comments:Toda raba Tmonot Yafot Meod. I wish I could be in Holland to work with you, it mast be very good school for me. Koby

Guestbook Entry #397
Visitor Name: Itzik
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:I know it's not our holyday but...marry cristmas. I realy enjoy to visit your site.

Guestbook Entry #396
Visitor Name: Joshua Thorpe
You Are From: Tamp, FL, USA
Your Comments:I've been visiting your site for a while now, I signed your guest book as number 196. you wrote me back and asked to see some of my work. at the time I didn't have a scanner. if you would still like to some of my work I'll mail a sample to you...maybe we could write back and forth a bit.

Guestbook Entry #395
Visitor Name: Joe Styles
You Are From: Colonia, yap, FSM
Your Comments:I haven't had a chance to view your work. I'm sure they're great. I hope you can sign me as a member so that I can view some of the work you're doing. Thanks

Guestbook Entry #394
Visitor Name: Gloriela Elizabeth Rivera
You Are From: Orlando, USA
Your Comments:Fabulous photography! I love the nude photos and body painting shots.

Guestbook Entry #393
Visitor Name: brenda
You Are From: diamond city, usa
Your Comments:Like your photography.

Guestbook Entry #392
Visitor Name: Chuck Means
You Are From: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Your Comments:I really enjoyed your work; especially, the Body Paintings and the Nude Photos. They were very beautiful and in such good taste. I live on a very small fixed income and, unfortunately can not purchase any. If I were wealthy, I'd buy many. Thank You for the opportunity to view your Art.

Guestbook Entry #391
Visitor Name: margit
You Are From: Tallinn, Estonia
Your Comments:I like your collages & nudes.I do a little photography myself too.Good work!

Guestbook Entry #390
Visitor Name: carlos antonio mįrquez sandoval
You Are From: campeche,camp, méxico
Your Comments:congratulations, i“ll being enjoy u photos and is like i was in another land, u have a great feeling to capture the exactly moment. bye.

Guestbook Entry #389
Visitor Name: Becky
You Are From: WarmSprings, US
Your Comments:Love the nature!

Guestbook Entry #388
Visitor Name: David Webber
You Are From: Durham, England
Your Comments:Exceptionally beautiful photographs. I particularly like the body-paint pictures which are very imaginative, impressive and probably my favourite photographs on the internet.

Guestbook Entry #387
Visitor Name: Osvaldo O. de Alencar
You Are From: Recife, Brazil
Your Comments:You are on the way!

Guestbook Entry #386
Your Comments:you a good painting and i sollutedis yours and i want you sending me foto nudes

Guestbook Entry #385
Visitor Name: Glenn Van Buren
You Are From: Sunland, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Nice work!

Guestbook Entry #384
Visitor Name: Peter Kleine
You Are From: Groningen, Nederland
Your Comments:Werelds, Ik heb echt genoten van je foto's. Vooral de landschapfoto's. Verder laat je ook zien dat echt naakt foto's maken een kunst is en niet schunnig hoeft te zijn. ik nodig je uit om naar mijn foto's te kijken van vooral landschappen, dieren en Bloemen op Groetjes Peter.

Guestbook Entry #383
Visitor Name: Lisa Cassidy
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Some stunning photography, it's a pleasure to be able to peruse such a well thought out site. Thanks!

Guestbook Entry #382
Visitor Name: Amir Cheshin
You Are From: Ma'ale Adummim, Israel
Your Comments:Very impressive and interesting. Try to take some adventures in Israel. In Jerusalem, the old city, I can assit you. Amir

Guestbook Entry #381
Visitor Name: Itzik Yariv(Pasternak)
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:I visited your site with my friend who is an art collector.Well done.Keep doing. Itzik

Guestbook Entry #380
Visitor Name: Len Wallace
You Are From: Colorado Springs , USA
Your Comments:Great Work Thanks

Guestbook Entry #379
Visitor Name: Sergey
You Are From: Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Your Comments:Dear mr. Bar! Thank you very mach!

Guestbook Entry #378
Visitor Name: samuel ben-avraham
You Are From: new york, usa
Your Comments:very nice work,keep it up

Guestbook Entry #377
You Are From: TULSA, USA

Guestbook Entry #376
Visitor Name: Piet Grim
You Are From: Lelystad, Holland
Your Comments:Ik weet niet meer of ik het heb laten weten , maar jullie hebben een schitterende site, Foto"Pierro

Guestbook Entry #375
Visitor Name: Charles R. Craig
You Are From: Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Your Comments:I love your nudes and will visit again.

Guestbook Entry #374
Visitor Name: Jerome D'Costa
You Are From: Toronto, Canada
Your Comments:Salom! Had a quick look at your website. Congratulations for your creativity. I will return later. I am also a serious photographer.

Guestbook Entry #373
Visitor Name: da Cerveira
You Are From: liege, belgium
Your Comments:very beautiful

Guestbook Entry #372
You Are From: Distrito Federal, Mexico
Your Comments:Me pareció excelente la pįgina, las fotografķas son realmnete buenas, los felicito.

Guestbook Entry #371
Visitor Name: sevda

Guestbook Entry #370
Visitor Name: arnold bernaldez
You Are From: pasig, philippines
Your Comments:a very beautiful way of expressing you mind through art. very cool. i really liked it.

Guestbook Entry #369
Visitor Name: Christine K
You Are From: NYC, USA
Your Comments:I commend you on the photos of the body paintings and the bodies chosen. Your work is so beautiful and creative. Come to SOHO, NYC.

Guestbook Entry #368
Visitor Name: phil
You Are From: , india
Your Comments:great photos, nice web page design. the body photos were excellent

Guestbook Entry #367
Visitor Name: Eddy Grant
You Are From: Donna, Hidalgo
Your Comments:I can't take my eyes off of your nude art model in photo #23.

Guestbook Entry #366
Visitor Name: Joseph St. Anne
You Are From: Bombay, India
Your Comments:Enjoyed your new pictures.

Guestbook Entry #365
Visitor Name: Tom van Lammeren
You Are From: alphen aan den rijn, nederland
Your Comments:ben zelf actief als hobbyfotograaf van voornamelijk modelfotografie lid van fotoclub en werkgroep modelfotografie. Uw modelwerk waardeer ik zeer. vriendelijke groet, Tom van lammeren

Guestbook Entry #364
Visitor Name: Carlos Cortes
You Are From: Mexico, Mexico
Your Comments:Well...searching on the Web I foung this page. The subjects,the thems and the pictures (light and that stuff)of the pictures are increidible. Very very good photos. Particularly I liked the black and white nude photos and landscapes. Congratulations.

Guestbook Entry #363
Visitor Name: Lisette Lebron
You Are From: Philadelphia, United States
Your Comments:I think your website on your art is great. I thought the pictures were wonderful and very well photographed and painted.

Guestbook Entry #362
Visitor Name: shlomo hanegbi
You Are From: ashdod, israel
Your Comments:leuk hoor,je hebt de juiste dosage gevonden van kunstnude en erotic

Guestbook Entry #361
Visitor Name: Itzik
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:Like allways - I enjoy your work Itzik Yariv(Pasternak)

Guestbook Entry #360

Guestbook Entry #359
Visitor Name: Wesley Howie
You Are From: Bedford, Canada
Your Comments:Really nice site, well designed with excellent photos.

Guestbook Entry #358
Visitor Name: Cristina M. Perez
You Are From: Anchorage , USA
Your Comments:The photos are absolutely beautiful. Hope to pursue a career in photography someday and have my work turn out like this.

Guestbook Entry #357
Visitor Name: Bimo Aryotejo
You Are From: Sydney, Australia
Your Comments:I love your work. It was beautifuly done. I think i'm gonna put you in my homepage.

Guestbook Entry #356
Visitor Name: Olga Filodor
You Are From: Moscow, Russia
Your Comments:Dear Amit, Thank you for your Art! Olga

Guestbook Entry #355
Visitor Name: Alwin Zwaan
You Are From: Doet, gld
Your Comments:Ziet er goed uit. Ik heb gemerkt hoe moeilijk het is om ze elke keer weer bij elkaar te krijgen die dames. Respect. Groeten Alwin.

Guestbook Entry #354
Visitor Name: rob blom
You Are From: Doetinchem, Nederland
Your Comments:Leuke site. Ik zou zorgen voor wat minder co-advertising. Groeten, Rob

Guestbook Entry #353
Visitor Name: Bia Rocha
You Are From: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Your Comments:congratulations to both Amit & Allon Bar

Guestbook Entry #352
Visitor Name: Fridy klunder
You Are From: meppel, NL
Your Comments:Bedankt voor u email en voor het laten zien van al die kleurige bodypaint ik vind het heel mooi. ik hoop dat ik nog heel vaak bericht krijg dat er weer wat nieuws is. De groetjes en bedankt. Fridy klunder

Guestbook Entry #351
Visitor Name: Sally
You Are From: , USA
Your Comments:Not only is this page designed and layed out beautifully, but the work it displays is a wonderful addition to the cyberworld.

Guestbook Entry #350
Visitor Name: Chrys
You Are From: Houston,TX, USA
Your Comments:I think your works are amazing. My breath was honestly taken by a number of your images. Congrats! ~Chrys

Guestbook Entry #349
Visitor Name: bocquet
You Are From: st denis, reunion island
Your Comments:fantastic

Guestbook Entry #348
Visitor Name: Tom Keene
You Are From: Edison,NJ , USA
Your Comments:nice pic

Guestbook Entry #347
Visitor Name: fam. dotsch
You Are From: amstelveen, holland
Your Comments:mooi website, groetjes. judith

Guestbook Entry #346
Visitor Name: marc johnson
You Are From: pittsburgh, usa
Your Comments:you have really great stuff, i really do not know which i liked more

Guestbook Entry #345
Visitor Name: V Hollis
You Are From: wauchope, ustralia
Your Comments:great work.

Guestbook Entry #344
Visitor Name: johan
You Are From: limburg, belgie
Your Comments:zeer profesioneel !!!!!

Guestbook Entry #343
Visitor Name: Karel De Puysseleir
You Are From: antwerpen, belgiė
Your Comments:Mooie site, als fotoliefhebber en verzamelaar van fotoboeken zet ik hem bij mijn faforieten. Waarom echter alleen vrouwen of koppels als model? ook met mannen is mooi werk te verwezenlijken en dat hoeft niets met geaardheid te maken te hebben. Veel succes verder.

Guestbook Entry #342
Visitor Name: Anne & Skitz Fijan
You Are From: Velserbroek, Nederland
Your Comments:Erg leuk die bodypaints, we komen mischien eens in de "gallerie" kijken.

Guestbook Entry #341
Visitor Name: francyne pelchar
You Are From: N.C. , USA
Your Comments:Het is geweldig. Francyne

Guestbook Entry #340
Visitor Name: OscarTan
You Are From: , Singapore
Your Comments:Thanks a lot U Amit Bar. bcoz U exhibit your art to the world I show it & enjoy it I like art but not expert in this anyway thanks to U ,really like it.

Guestbook Entry #339
Visitor Name: Stephan Marsh
You Are From: Makanda, USA
Your Comments:Just would like to tell you that your site very well laid out. Like your work

Guestbook Entry #338
Visitor Name: Thomas Muller
You Are From: Kitchener, On., Canada
Your Comments:I have found you site looking for a photographer to do an assignment on. I am currently in a graphic design program and wish to get some more information from you. If you could e-mail me back that would be great.

Guestbook Entry #337
Visitor Name: Marcus Wessels
You Are From: Osnabrueck, Germany
Your Comments:Hi! I don“t know how to tell you in very good english what really feel while I“m enjoing your pictures. But I want to tell you, that I like them very much. Greetings, Marcus

Guestbook Entry #336
Visitor Name: 
You Are From: Sarasota,FL, USA
Your Comments:Enjoyed very much

Guestbook Entry #335
Visitor Name: Soly Srour
You Are From: Green Bay, USA
Your Comments:I enjoy looking at your work and will be buying some of it to give as presents and some to keep. I will place my order as a trial order first to be able to judge the quality and perspective. Keep it up. It looks great. Soly

Guestbook Entry #334
Visitor Name: Yvonne
You Are From: Marion, U.S
Your Comments:You have some pretty picture's. I wish I would of been there to see these place's. I'll vist this page again. Yvonne U.S.A.

Guestbook Entry #333

Guestbook Entry #332
Visitor Name: GUI@B
You Are From: Paris, France
Your Comments:Some of your photographies are really fucking good !!! , especially in your body-painting section. I also make some body-painting and body-art if you wish to see at Keep on arting ;-)

Guestbook Entry #331
Visitor Name: vincent payette
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Good work keep on working

Guestbook Entry #330
Visitor Name: e ten cate
You Are From: bilthoven, nederland
Your Comments:wijze ontwerpen van de bodypaint en de rest is gewoon ontzettend mooi ik zal deze site zeker nog eens aanklikken en aanraden.

Guestbook Entry #329
Visitor Name: Mike
You Are From: delft,
Your Comments:zeer mooie foto`s en de site steekt goed in mekaar gewoon door gaan kom zeker nog eens terug :)

Guestbook Entry #328
Visitor Name: Sharon Friedman
You Are From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Your Comments:It is a pleasure

Guestbook Entry #327
Visitor Name: Nathan Oliver
You Are From: leawood, Kansas
Your Comments:Dear Amit Bar, I have written to you before about your photographs. I am a high school student who has just recently taken on the school district with some of my controversial pictures that I had taken. I am challenging our art depertament to think differently and to challenge their views on what high school students should be exposed to. I had taken very tasteful pitchures of a very good friend of mine in the nude. I used some of your pics for references to do so. To make the mood very dramtic and add a sense of seduction, I used 3200 film with candles for lighting. The turned out wonderfully. Thanks for you help on challenging the mind and others views with this type of art.

Guestbook Entry #326
Visitor Name: Heidi Krzyworz
You Are From: Seattle, USA
Your Comments:I love your nude photography, very tasteful and elegant.

Guestbook Entry #325
Visitor Name: Paul Whitlow Jr.
You Are From: Cohoctah,Michigan, U.S.A.
Your Comments:Excellent work.Looking foward to visiting again and seeing more.

Guestbook Entry #324
Visitor Name: Wang Jian Jun
You Are From: Hong Kong, China
Your Comments:your works are wonderfully beautiful!thank you.

Guestbook Entry #323
Visitor Name: M MESSINA
You Are From: WAYNE,NJ, USA

Guestbook Entry #322
Visitor Name: shira amar
You Are From: zefat, israel
Your Comments:One picture worth 1000 words. Bravo!

Guestbook Entry #321
Visitor Name: hans franz
You Are From: arnhem, ned
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, Ik heb vrij veel (voor mij) nieuw werk gezien. Tot ziens, Hans

Guestbook Entry #320
Visitor Name: Paul van der Lee
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Amit, Boeiende en mooie site! Paul

Guestbook Entry #319
Visitor Name: Mikey D
You Are From: , USA/Canada
Your Comments:just passing through, I thought your pictures were very good.

Guestbook Entry #318
Visitor Name: Emily Broad
You Are From: Boston, USA
Your Comments:Amazing!!! If I had the money I would become a buyer!

Guestbook Entry #317
Visitor Name: Peter
You Are From: Augsburg, Germany
Your Comments:Very, Very nice Site, great an interesting. Congratulation

Guestbook Entry #316
Visitor Name: van
You Are From: cameron,
Your Comments:you have a very nice site.

Guestbook Entry #315
Visitor Name: riky
You Are From: korea,
Your Comments:hi, this site is beautiful. i,m nice to visit here by chance. good day! thanks

Guestbook Entry #314
Visitor Name: Joop Spiljard
You Are From: ,
Your Comments:Ik hou van je werk vooral in zwartwit. joop

Guestbook Entry #313
Visitor Name: RicardoGuerra
You Are From: Portimćo, Portugal
Your Comments: Muito interesante e montagens muito boas. Gostei muito. Comtinuem assim , obrigado

Guestbook Entry #312
Visitor Name: wayne mcleod
You Are From: Myrtle beach ,south carolina, USA
Your Comments:Nice landscapes,great site well read and easy to view, will be passing this site on to others. Wayne McLeod

Guestbook Entry #311
Visitor Name: Itzik
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:I visited your site to see the news.Very nice.Have a nice weakend.Itzik.

Guestbook Entry #310
Visitor Name: Warittha
You Are From: LA, Calif
Your Comments:hi there! I really enjoyed looking through all your work. Your photos are beautiful. I wish I that later in life I will be able to practice snapping shots, and sharpen my skills (I am what you call an apprentice in photography). Thank you for sharing!

Guestbook Entry #309
Visitor Name: hadar
You Are From: tel aviv ,
Your Comments:very good

Guestbook Entry #308
Visitor Name: LYLE RADFORD
Your Comments:Gidday, I enjoyed your body painting photos. For some time now I have been considering taking Australian Aboriginal women into the outback of Australia and having an Aboriginal artist paint there bodies with landscape views ie. trees, rocks etc and shoot them with both the body and natural landscape in the same pic. Just an idea. Regards. Lyle

Guestbook Entry #307
Visitor Name: Els
You Are From: Soest, netherlands
Your Comments:heel erg goed, een genot om te bezoeken, zowel de tekeningen als de figuur, portret foto's als de bodypaints. een ware gallery

Guestbook Entry #306
Visitor Name: sher foster
You Are From: kc, usa
Your Comments:beautiful work ... i especially liked your landscape and children's photography

Guestbook Entry #305
Visitor Name: Vidya
You Are From: Bombay, India
Your Comments:Hello, This website is great, but there is far too much interruption by ads. In fact, I keep getting small ads every few seconds literally, and that wastes my time. Otherwise, the site is beautiful.

Guestbook Entry #304
Visitor Name: Nienke (18 jaar)
You Are From: Amsterdam, Holland
Your Comments:Ik vind uw foto's echt onwijs mooi en goed. Ik weet er zelf weinig vanaf. Ik ga nu zelf een cursus fotografie volgen. Ik hoop dat ik het ook leer!

Guestbook Entry #303
Visitor Name: Michael
You Are From: St-Petersburg, Russia
Your Comments:Class. A very high class! :)

Guestbook Entry #302
Visitor Name: jean paul brouillette
You Are From: st calixte, canada
Your Comments:I enjoyed visiting your site if and when i have money i'll be back

Guestbook Entry #301
Visitor Name: Linda Sverrisdóttir
You Are From: 801, Selfoss Island
Your Comments:Its weri nice, thing you

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