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Guestbook Entry #300
Visitor Name: CHOE Myung Jin
You Are From: SEOUL, KOREA
Your Comments:GOOD!

Guestbook Entry #299
Visitor Name: Donyala Banks
You Are From: Rangely, USA
Your Comments:Hello again Amit, As ususal I love your new work thank you for sharing it with me it inspires me to create my own ideas. Yours Truly, Donyala

Guestbook Entry #298
Visitor Name: mimoon abu ata
You Are From: kofor qari, israel
Your Comments:hi amit, your site is excellent,....fine arts, fine site...i liked your photographs very much, and i hope for u success in the future. by the way i started before about 4 monthes to shoot photos by my new camera: nikon f-70, i'm learning architicture in the college of Rupin,...maybe you can help me building a site of mine where i can put my private photos...thanks a lot... mimoon

Guestbook Entry #297
Visitor Name: Nathan Buress
You Are From: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Your Comments:You take wonderful pictures. I'm a photographer as well, it would be great to here from you. Please write me at my e-mail address.

Guestbook Entry #296
Visitor Name:  Theresa Black
You Are From: Sooke, Canada
Your Comments: My other hafe has been to youe sight be fore , but this is my first visit. you do beautful work and I would love to see more!!!! I'am an artest to when I have time . My pashion is paiting. but I have to young kids so I dont do as much as I would like to. thank you for shairing your work a new fan Theresa Black

Guestbook Entry #295
Visitor Name: Angelique Corliss
You Are From: kirkland, USA
Your Comments: very nice.... thank you for letting me know there was new pics...

Guestbook Entry #294
Visitor Name: Gabi Weiss
You Are From: Kfar-Saba, Israel
Your Comments:Bijzonder Mooi!!!

Guestbook Entry #293
Visitor Name: William Schoppe II
You Are From: San Antonio, USA
Your Comments:Very nice nudes, scenic and painted bodies photos. Keep up the good work.

Guestbook Entry #292
Visitor Name: sweta
You Are From: nj, USA

Guestbook Entry #291
Visitor Name: Harry
You Are From: duiven,
Your Comments:Hallo Amit, Ziet er weer goed uit, vooral doorgaan. m.v.g. Harry Jansen

Guestbook Entry #290
Visitor Name: Eric Engman
You Are From: Edmonton , Canada
Your Comments:Do you take your picture in the netherlands And where if so I have a map of the world and I like to know so I can make where ??? thanks

Guestbook Entry #289
Visitor Name: Itzik
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:I realy enjoyed to visit your site!

Guestbook Entry #288
Visitor Name: Fridy Klunder
You Are From: meppel, NL
Your Comments:Amit Bar ik vind je homepage zo prachtig. Ik geniet altijd weer van die body paint en van al die kleurige photography Dan is de wereld zo mooi, Ik heb erg genoten. Dank je wel Fridy Klunder emailadres

Guestbook Entry #287
Visitor Name: Colin Bigam
You Are From: Edmonton, Canada
Your Comments:Beautiful work! Easily worthy of the designation, "Fine Art," which is a rarity these days.

Guestbook Entry #286
Visitor Name: steven hollenback
You Are From: Ripon, wisc
Your Comments:having an interest in b/w and figure photography, i find some of your images interesting in their lines.

Guestbook Entry #285
Visitor Name: Tanya K. Cormier
You Are From: Lafayette, USA

Guestbook Entry #284
Visitor Name: Richard Spehr
You Are From: Largo,Florida, USA
Your Comments:Beautiful!

Guestbook Entry #283
Visitor Name: Pauline
You Are From: Stroud, Canada
Your Comments:I enjoy seeing great photography, especially black and white. I have a cheap camera and can not take great pictures, so it is nice to see some done with good cameras. Thank you

Guestbook Entry #282
Visitor Name: james davis
You Are From: new jersey, u.s.a.
Your Comments:I am impressed and i am not esaily impressed,I think that your work is super great.

Guestbook Entry #281
Visitor Name: IQBAL KHAN

Guestbook Entry #280
Visitor Name: Piet Grim
You Are From: Lelystad, Holland
Your Comments:Ik vind jullie fotografie fantastisch ik wou dat ik bij julie in de leer kan komen Echt verschrikkelijk goed , ik heb de page opgeslagen in mijn favorieten. Piet Grim

Guestbook Entry #279
Visitor Name: Autumn
You Are From: Los Angeles, United States
Your Comments:These pictures are so beautiful. They show what I want to say. Very breathtaking.

Guestbook Entry #278
Visitor Name: MARIKO
You Are From:Japan
Your Comments:Hi!My name is mariko. I am Japanese girl. This HP is very very cool!! It was very enjoyable! Thank you!! My HP is:

Guestbook Entry #277
Visitor Name: Neil Crawford
You Are From: San Diego, u.s.a.
Your Comments:Enjoyed your landscapes very much

Guestbook Entry #276
Visitor Name: vicki medellin
You Are From: mcallen, usa
Your Comments:pleasure, that's awesome.. i finally got the chance to check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye, vicki

Guestbook Entry #275
Visitor Name: SCOTT RUNER
You Are From: LANSING , U S A

Guestbook Entry #274
Visitor Name: Angell Gutierrez
You Are From: San Antonio, USA
Your Comments:The cow picture really ws moving. It shows how your food is being killed Aat least it is being killed for a good purpose

Guestbook Entry #273
Visitor Name: Dean Buchanan
You Are From: Indian Trail, USA
Your Comments:Excellent photography! Thanks for sharing!

Guestbook Entry #272
Visitor Name: henry
You Are From: el paso,tex, usa
Your Comments:enjoyed your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #271
Visitor Name: Ying
You Are From: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Your Comments:Simple and beautiful pictures of just enough expression balanced with free and natural sensation. Don't stop.

Guestbook Entry #270
Visitor Name: Bob Wint, Jr.
You Are From: Chattanooga, USA
Your Comments:Interesting, alluring, & captivaing.

Guestbook Entry #269
Visitor Name: bin
You Are From:  usa
Your Comments:beautiful body painting!!! thank you!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #268
Visitor Name: gilli
You Are From: 
Your Comments:kol hakavod. atar mamash yafe

Guestbook Entry #267
Visitor Name: dedans.ali
You Are From: birmingham, usa
Your Comments:interested in talking to other creative artists

Guestbook Entry #266
Visitor Name: Jeremy Lacy
You Are From: San Diego, USA
Your Comments:Your work is wonderful. You capture moments that, in person, would be sure to take a persons breath away. Thank you for sharing. Jeremy

Guestbook Entry #265
Visitor Name: j. Fernández Molina
You Are From: Barcelona, ESpaña
Your Comments:¡HOLA! Amit Bar. He visitado tu galeria fotográfica y me ha gustado mucho, especialmente naturaleza. Felicidades por tu trabajo. Te volveré a visitar.

Guestbook Entry #264
Visitor Name: iliya golob
You Are From: Rosh Ha'ain, israel
Your Comments:This is a great site and it was made very professionaly. also I love your work and admire your talent, espacially the drawings.

Guestbook Entry #263
Visitor Name: Bob Cossar
You Are From: Comox, Canada
Your Comments:I enjoy your nude photos in have a style which is serious yet light also...Bob...My site is at Let me know what you think...:-)

Guestbook Entry #262
Visitor Name: joe miceli
You Are From: Mosta, Malta
Your Comments:Can I be one of your models?

Guestbook Entry #261
Visitor Name: Niels Visser
You Are From: Zevenaar, Nederland
Your Comments:Hoi Amit en Allon, Mijn complimenten aan jullie alletwee. De Website ziet er nu prima uit! Nu de verkopen nog. Dat moet haast wel op gang komen. Tot ziens, Niels

Guestbook Entry #260
Visitor Name: Hadar
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:My name is Hadar and I am a Itzik's friend. I enjoyed very much from your site. Hadar

Guestbook Entry #259
Visitor Name: bas bla
You Are From: amsterdam, nl
Your Comments:mooiste site aller tijden (van het millenium)!!!

Guestbook Entry #258
Visitor Name: John Bachrach
You Are From: Westervoort, Nederland
Your Comments:Hi Amit, Mooie composities, voortreffelijke kleurencombonaties en nog volop mogelijkheden in diciplines. Ik hoop je een keer te ontmoeten om b.v. ervaringen te delen. Shalom, John

Guestbook Entry #257
Visitor Name: Itzik Pasternak
You Are From: , Israel
Your Comments:You are just great!!!

Guestbook Entry #256
Visitor Name: angelique corliss
You Are From: seattle, usa
Your Comments:i just wanted to say that you are doing great work and keep it up....

Guestbook Entry #255
Visitor Name: Bernard Smith
You Are From: Nepean, Ont., Canada
Your Comments:Amit, I have visited diferent sections of your art displays and found them to be very relaxing i especialy found the body painting and childern's to be soft and soothing. Please keep up the great work. Bernie

Guestbook Entry #254
Visitor Name: A Marijnissen
You Are From: Made, NL
Your Comments:Schitterende fotoos

Guestbook Entry #253
Visitor Name: C. L. Frazee
You Are From: puxico, usa
Your Comments:I liked your work very much could you send me some copies over e-mail of nudes that I may consider for purchase

Guestbook Entry #252
Visitor Name: Jamie Brindley
You Are From: Trenton, USA
Your Comments:Your work has really encouraged me to continue on in phototgraphy. I have never seen work like yours. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Guestbook Entry #251
Visitor Name: jane weaver
You Are From: mcallen, usa
Your Comments:i liked every bit of art photos that you have taken, good job and keep it up.

Guestbook Entry #250
Visitor Name: traminette
You Are From: alden, usa
Your Comments:How lovely! I wish I could be included!

Guestbook Entry #249
Visitor Name: LORRY HARKER
You Are From: Wilmington, USA
Your Comments:Beautiful artwork

Guestbook Entry #248
Visitor Name: kapje
You Are From: Harderwijk, holland
Your Comments:Dit is een variabele site en van elk wat wils. Ga zo door

Guestbook Entry #247
Visitor Name: jason slater jaynes
You Are From:billings, U.S.A.
Your Comments:I'd like to learn more

Guestbook Entry #246
Visitor Name: Ben Roos
You Are From: Albury, Australia
Your Comments:Bloody great site!!I enjoyed your work very much.Keep this up,you'll go far.

Guestbook Entry #245
Visitor Name: mario javier candela
You Are From: Bucaramanga, Colombia
Your Comments:Very good work,congratulations.

Guestbook Entry #244
Visitor Name: Age de Jong
You Are From: Zaandam, Nederland
Your Comments:Een mooie site, lekker snel.. kwalitatief mooie foto's en composities...... Proficiat!

Guestbook Entry #243
Visitor Name: Sherry
You Are From: Mitchell,SD, USA
Your Comments:Your photographs are beautiful. I spent a long time letting my eyes feast on them, especially the landscapes. I also love your web design.

Guestbook Entry #242
Visitor Name: Ahmad Fauzi
You Are From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Your Comments:Strange colour you chose. Orange. Is it because you are from Holland? I must be off target! Anyway, it is a cool site. I am looking foward to more of your work. I am a cartoonist by profession.

Guestbook Entry #241
Visitor Name: Carlos Gustavo Ballock
You Are From: Campinas, Brazil
Your Comments:Great! Beautiful!

Guestbook Entry #240
Visitor Name: David Ruiz Tenorio
You Are From: Hermosillo, Mexico
Your Comments:I think your work is pretty good. I liked some of the photos that you are showing. I am a Photographer and i study Graphic Design.

Guestbook Entry #239
Visitor Name: Amber Smith
You Are From: sptbg., USA
Your Comments: I'm going to school right now to learn more about photography and I feel that your photographs give me inspiration to express myself in my own work. No matter if people don't understand the message I'm trying to get across. Thank you.

Guestbook Entry #238
Visitor Name: sweta majumdar
You Are From: nj, usa
Your Comments:all of them simly wonderful,and i like the nature most.

Guestbook Entry #237
Visitor Name: Giorgio Tamborrini
You Are From: Basel, Switzerland
Your Comments:I like your page, you have a gallery with interesting pictures...

Guestbook Entry #236
Visitor Name: Raul Rodrigez
You Are From: Mexico City, Mexico
Your Comments:Me gusta mucho!Tu necesitas mas las fotografias.

Guestbook Entry #235
Visitor Name: bj lesperance
You Are From: socorro,nm, usa
Your Comments:i was very itrigued by your work.absolutely love it!

Guestbook Entry #234
Visitor Name: Ditsa
You Are From: Gaaton, Isral
Your Comments:Vond het erg mooi. Special de kinderen fotos. Vind het leuk te zien, soort of TAARUCHA op mij gemak thuis. lehit....

Guestbook Entry #233
Visitor Name: newcomb
You Are From: farmville, usa
Your Comments: i enjoyed my visit. will return

Guestbook Entry #232
Visitor Name: Noam
You Are From: Ganey Aviv, Israel
Your Comments:very interesting gallery with well developed imagine. I like the nude photo specially.

Guestbook Entry #231
Visitor Name: David B. Duffus
You Are From: Kingston, Canada
Your Comments:I really enjoyed all your art. Your web page is well designed. David B. Duffus

Guestbook Entry #230
Visitor Name: cheryl
You Are From: omaha, usa
Your Comments:the painted nudes are beautiful. the children also. good work

Guestbook Entry #229
Visitor Name: Yossi katevushnik
You Are From: Cuijk, netherlands
Your Comments:hello Amit. It was very interesting to see your website. By the way you are the first Israelian artist that I meet here. I am impressed and I wish you a lot of succes in your future work. Yossi.

Guestbook Entry #228
Visitor Name: Hellemans Roger
You Are From: Duffel, Belgie
Your Comments:U maakt prachtig werk.Vooral de naakt en body-paintings vindt ik geweldig. PROFICIAT .

Guestbook Entry #227
Visitor Name: bojana dimitovska
You Are From: skopje, macedoia
Your Comments:Ilike your drowings soooooooo much I was also very imprese of your fhotos

Guestbook Entry #226
Visitor Name: Antonio Marrocos
You Are From: Porto Velho, Brasil
Your Comments:Hi Amit. Wonderful works. Universal. I'll back again. Marrocos.

Guestbook Entry #225
Visitor Name: Georgi
You Are From: Sofia, Bulgaria
Your Comments:The pictures are very nice. I'd like to look more.

Guestbook Entry #224
Visitor Name: Inder Gopal
You Are From: New Delhi, India
Your Comments:Great work, and keep it up.

Guestbook Entry #223
Visitor Name: Stephen
You Are From: Warrenton, USA
Your Comments:Splendid, splendid and more splendid. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated viewing this web page. Thank you.

Guestbook Entry #222
Visitor Name: Andrea
You Are From: Westhope, US
Your Comments:You have great pictures! The landscape pics are awesome. great work

Guestbook Entry #221
Visitor Name: Deeder
You Are From: PEI, Canada
Your Comments:i think your page is beautiful. thanks for sharing your work !

Guestbook Entry #220
Visitor Name: Eirik Berger
You Are From: Bardufoss, Norway
Your Comments:Nice page, and great photos. i really liked those black/white nude photos. Keep up the good work.

Guestbook Entry #219
Visitor Name: Hans Ronhaar
You Are From: Nijmegen, Nederland
Your Comments:Gewoon ontzettend goed, ik heb met plezier alles bekeken. Prima!!!!

Guestbook Entry #218
Visitor Name: Josh Stewart
You Are From: N/A, USA
Your Comments:Dear Photographer, You have a real nice webpage, which I think you have some great Pictures!

Guestbook Entry #217
Visitor Name: dan popescu
You Are From: bucharest, romania
Your can't see every day such a complete artist for the simple reason they are not many.keep it that way!

Guestbook Entry #216
Visitor Name: Juliet Mitchell
You Are From: Sydney, Australia
Your Comments:Your photos interest me, their composition's simplicity gives them a classic timeless style.. Well done!

Guestbook Entry #215
Visitor Name: leonid
You Are From: Ashkelon, Israel
Your Comments:I was very impressed by your beautiful photos. You are a real artist. Much success in the future. Leo.

Guestbook Entry #214
Visitor Name: kyle roberts
You Are From: lakeland, u.s.a.
Your Comments:your photography of the nude arts is fantastic, especially your black & white's

Guestbook Entry #213
Visitor Name: Bob Jones
You Are From: , USA
Your Comments:inspiring work!

Guestbook Entry #212
Visitor Name: JOE
You Are From: JONESBORO, U.S.A.

Guestbook Entry #211
Visitor Name: Jo
You Are From: , USA
Your Comments:Thank for showing your work. It is wonderful!

Guestbook Entry #210
Visitor Name: David Stein
You Are From: NY, US
Your Comments:Hi Amit Bar, Enjoyed your photos. Regards, David Stein

Guestbook Entry #209
Visitor Name: May
You Are From:Singapore
Your Comments:Hi! I enjoyed visiting your WP ^_^ Keep up the good work!!!

Guestbook Entry #208
Visitor Name: hyungsuk choe
You Are From: Koyang, South Korea
Your Comments:As a senior Korean aged 68, I had a good opportunity to surf your landscape photos to appreciate the most outstanding photos. I wish to thank you via email. Sincererly hs choe

Guestbook Entry #207
Visitor Name: Emily Carson
You Are From: NY, USA
Your Comments:Your work is very well done. I'm a designer in New York, and was caught by Photo Gollage #6. It resembles the ad for the show on Motorcycles at the Guggenhiem Museum. The layout is very similar to the ads I was confronted with on the subway. Thank you for sharing your work!

Guestbook Entry #206
Visitor Name: Roger Michel
You Are From: Herndon, USA
Your Comments:Congratulations! Found your site at yahoo and love it! Your work is eclectic but with style. Any other prodution from your works I'd like to know. Your body paint, nude , collage and snapshots are really original and great!

Guestbook Entry #205
Visitor Name: Maiku
You Are From: Chalan Pago, Guam
Your Comments:I really admire your work, especially the landscapes.

Guestbook Entry #204
Visitor Name: Dzenat
You Are From: Skopje, Macedonia
Your Comments:pa nisam ljubitelj komercijalne fotografije ,ali su mi se dopali efekti. fotografijom se bavim 3 god.(samouk)pa bi mi dobro dosao neki savet. uskoro otvaram i svoju stranicu pa bi mogao dati neki komentar.

Guestbook Entry #203
Visitor Name:Eric Engman
You Are From:edmonton , Canada
Your Comments:You have done a great job of fine art and thank you for chance to see you work

Guestbook Entry #202
Visitor Name:Beny Sagiv
You Are From:Haifa, Israel
Your Comments:Shalom Amit, Allon and all other participants in developing this spectacular site. Go on with the good work. Beny.

Guestbook Entry #201
Visitor Name:stan porat
You Are From:kfar hamaccaby, il
Your Comments:amit shalom'i came to visit your place and most i like are landscapes the place is in my favorites.hope you are changing pics often...thanks STAN

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