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Guestbook Entry #100
Visitor Name: David Lieberman
HomePage url: Dave's Homepage
You Are From: NYC, USA
Your Comments:Hi, Very nice site and very nice pictures. Nude #7 was my favorite. The subject and the composition were perfect. I also liked your landscapes. I haven't seen the entire collection yet but I will. Please come see my photographs. I welcome your feedback if you do. -Dave PS-I spent some time on Kibbutz Kfar Hachoresh.

Guestbook Entry #99
Visitor Name: D.Feldman
HomePage url: n/a
You Are From: Los angeles, U.S.
Your Comments:I enjoyed your photos!!!

Guestbook Entry #98
Visitor Name: b. isen
HomePage url: 
You Are From: eastpoint, usa
Your Comments:enjoy beautiful nude modeling. hope to take a course very soon. Thanks

Guestbook Entry #97
Visitor Name: caroline boaz
HomePage url: 
You Are From: oconomowoc, WI USA
Your Comments:love your work. wishing you blessings abundant in 1999

Guestbook Entry #96
Visitor Name: Wim Mulder (CCO)
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Grave, Nederland
Your Comments:Hoi Amit, Remember me? Long time, no see! Dat ik je hier nu tegenkom! Ben aangenaam verrast! Keep up the good work! Groetjes! Wim.

Guestbook Entry #95
Visitor Name: Guillermo Zamarripa R
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Irapuato, Gto., Mèxico
Your Comments:This is a good artistic photograph site I've liked very much, and this is not the first time, promised!

Guestbook Entry #94
Visitor Name: René Nobbe
HomePage url: 
You Are From: hengelo, nederland
Your Comments:Hallo, ik als leek heb zelfs genoten van je site. succes met alles wat je doet en tot mail, grtx rené

Guestbook Entry #93
Visitor Name: Michael
HomePage url: Mike's Page
You Are From: Some where in Iowa, United States of America
Your Comments:Hello, Amit. I'm very very impressed with your webpage! It's done very nicely (give some credit to the one that designed it for ya!). Your artwork is VERY good. All of it is totally great. I don't understand why anyone would take any images from your nude gallery and use them for an "adult" site. That's sick. Those pictures are very beautiful, just like the rest of your photographs and collages. All in all, a job EXCELLENTLY done, webpage, art, and everything!

Guestbook Entry #92
Visitor Name: janet
HomePage url: 
You Are From: winsum, nederland
Your Comments:Ik heb genoten van de foto's kom binnenkort terug om weer een kijkje te nemen.

Guestbook Entry #91
Visitor Name: yaval barkai
HomePage url: 
You Are From: hazorea, israel
Your Comments:I was really pleased to meet you here at my home on Friday evening. Keep in touch! Yaval

Guestbook Entry #90
Visitor Name: Jim Stampher
HomePage url: 
You Are From: greencastle, pa, USA
Your Comments:enjoyed your pictures, brought back many good memories as I lived in the Netherlands for almost 3 years. Schiedamm, worked in Rotterdam, enjoyed the country and the people tremendously

Guestbook Entry #89
Visitor Name: claartje thijs
HomePage url: -
You Are From: utrecht, nl
Your Comments:ik vond u foto onder het kopje natuur; de plant afstekent tegen de blauwe lucht,erg mooi

Guestbook Entry #88
Visitor Name: keesvo
HomePage url: 
You Are From: adam,
Your Comments:mooie inspirerende foto's

Guestbook Entry #87
Visitor Name: Nathan Oliver
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Kansas, US
Your Comments:These are some great pictures I'm student and an avid photographer,your photos show great emmotion and very divesre? Bravo!

Guestbook Entry #86
Visitor Name: sarah farnham
HomePage url: 
You Are From: londonderry, us
Your Comments:i love your nudes

Guestbook Entry #85
Visitor Name: Talana Turner
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Okla. City OK, U.S.
Your Comments:The photos were great!!! Hope to see more in the future.

Guestbook Entry #84
Visitor Name: Noel L Cipriano
HomePage url: 
You Are From: new orleans , usa
Your Comments:Enjoyed your work.

Guestbook Entry #83
Visitor Name: m.hooshmand
HomePage url: none
You Are From: teh, iran
Your Comments:it was one of the best sites i have ever visited,especialy the body paints. wish you the best.

Guestbook Entry #82
Visitor Name: suzie q
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Embro,, Canada
Your Comments:nice, #1 is something that u should work more with, the idea that is ... lovely, but also what about the clit, can u make it into something with your work? make it a beautiful thing..... with all the shades that you use, for me k?

Guestbook Entry #81
Visitor Name: Roberto Calderon
HomePage url: Arts
You Are From: , MEXICO
Your Comments:Super cool, I really like your work, is really good.

Guestbook Entry #80
Visitor Name: Clpahouwers M
HomePage url: 
You Are From: 2640 Mortsel, Belgie
Your Comments:Prachtige foto verzameling

Guestbook Entry #79
Visitor Name: lisa
HomePage url: 
You Are From: bordentown, united states
Your Comments:i love the photos and i wish i had the chance to take pictures like. there beautiful

Guestbook Entry #78
Visitor Name: IM,JAY-CHUN
HomePage url: 
You Are From: SEOUL, KOREA
Your Comments:I am a documentary photographer. My work is KOREA traditional culture and human geography. If you want to see my picture, mail me. Nice meet to you. see you soon!

Guestbook Entry #77
Visitor Name: illya Frazier
HomePage url: -
You Are From: Barcelona, Spain
Your Comments:Hello Amit, was really nice to see your art, in a Sunday afternoon. I like photography very much, and sometimes my girlfriend and I enjoy very much taking pictures. we would like to be in your mailing list. friendly regards, Illyan Frazier

Guestbook Entry #76
Visitor Name: R J Paulussen
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Mijnsheerenland, Nederland
Your Comments:Beste Amit, Wat heb je een mooie website. Ik oefen maar wat, want ik heb op mijn pc nu ook internet. Veel succes. Rob.

Guestbook Entry #75
Visitor Name: shalom
HomePage url: 
You Are From: , israel
Your Comments:amit, i was suprised to find you... i was just surfing along the net. anyway, i liked your body-paint works and your drawings. good luck 2 u and tihye li bari... yhala, bye.

Guestbook Entry #74
Visitor Name: dennis spönemann
HomePage url: -
You Are From: 2und5, deutschland
Your Comments:gut fotos.bin echt beeindruckt

Guestbook Entry #73
Visitor Name: Arie Meisel
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Karmiel, Israel
Your Comments:It was A great Visit, best regards Tamar and Arie

Guestbook Entry #72
Visitor Name: osnat hayoun
HomePage url: 
You Are From: telaviv, israel
Your Comments:love your work,please inform where can we purchase it.

Guestbook Entry #71
Visitor Name: Mike Martin
HomePage url: none
You Are From: Hayward, CA, USA
Your Comments:Thank you for sharing your work!! I am downloading a nice windmill to remember Holland by. Will use it for screen wall paper. Keep up the good work, I will stop by again. Mike

Guestbook Entry #70
Visitor Name: Chris Rhoads
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Fairbury, United States
Your Comments:I think a couple of you photos are outstanding. I also think a couple of them would make great aviators on a chat sight. I love the body paint section.

Guestbook Entry #69
Visitor Name: ajay shukla
HomePage url: 
You Are From: delhi, india
Your Comments:An excellent piece of work.

Guestbook Entry #68
Visitor Name: tina carel
HomePage url: 
You Are From: riverside, usa
Your Comments:beautiful work!

Guestbook Entry #67
Visitor Name: Annie
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Jerusalem, Israel
Your Comments:I very like the fine art photography. It is amazing!!!

Guestbook Entry #66
Visitor Name: Kenneth Koh
HomePage url: 
You Are From: , Singapore
Your Comments:Nice Picture

Guestbook Entry #65
Visitor Name: james velez
HomePage url: 
You Are From: cleveland, usa
Your Comments:your photos of nudes were breathtaking and your nature photos were terrific you are an true artist. you already know that that is why i am viewing your work. I think you're great!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #64
Visitor Name: Randall C Rap
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Irving, USA
Your Comments:Good photos. Especially like the single prone lady from the rear for content, composition and lighting. Biased too much yet by content.

Guestbook Entry #63
Visitor Name: Kathleen
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Marysville, USA
Your Comments:Excellent!

Guestbook Entry #62
Visitor Name: Mark Hall
HomePage url: -
You Are From: Pownal, USA
Your Comments:Very nice pictures.

Guestbook Entry #61
Visitor Name: Bart
HomePage url: www.prospero.nl
You Are From: almere, nl
Your Comments:Amit, Van harte proficiat met een mooie homepage. Fraai werk. Groets, Bt

Guestbook Entry #60
Visitor Name: dc dunn
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Spring Valley, Il, USA
Your Comments:Your great. Any tips?

Guestbook Entry #59
Visitor Name: robert todd
HomePage url: 
You Are From: wisconsin, usa
Your Comments:Nice site! Enjoy your work. I enjoy same kinds of photography plus drawing, painting. This was a very nice place to visit. Bob

Guestbook Entry #58
Visitor Name: Troy Fuchs
HomePage url: gallery of Wonders
You Are From: Dekalb, USA
Your Comments:Nice Site! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing through your eyes. Particularly fond of the drama you found in the children's photos. Also impressed to see someone working with bodypaint in the 90's. Keep it up and good luck to you and yours

Guestbook Entry #57
Visitor Name: L.Poortman
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Hattem, Nederland
Your Comments:Hai... Ik wilde even zeggen dat u ontzettend gave foto's maakt

Guestbook Entry #56
Visitor Name: Thomás Endara
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Your Comments:Very nice pictures, you have an interesting form to see the beauty of the bodies and nature

Guestbook Entry #55
Visitor Name: DIMOS
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Piraeus, GREECE
Your Comments:EXCELLENT..

Guestbook Entry #54
Visitor Name: Mark Grier
HomePage url: n/a
You Are From: melbourne, Australia
Your Comments:Very inspirational work, very impressed. keep up the good work

Guestbook Entry #53
Visitor Name: Marcelo Urizar
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Camboriú, Brasil
Your Comments:Excellent your works...

Guestbook Entry #52
Visitor Name: Rachel
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Seattle, USA
Your Comments:I really liked everything. I thought the landscapes were beautiful. The children pictures...I thought they were cute and I could think of a story for each one. The collages...I really liked...they were intriguing. Well...I just thought I'd sign the guestbook..so that I wouldn't be rude.

Guestbook Entry #51
Visitor Name: AKADUS
HomePage url: Akadus On line
You Are From: Melbourne, Australia
Your Comments:HI! I must say sir, that you are a very talented artist and have a really nice page set-up for you. Wish you all the success (and more) in the years to come. Best regards, ~Akshay~ a.k.a.AKADUS

Guestbook Entry #50
Visitor Name: artdude
HomePage url: Murray's Sketch Pad
You Are From: Alberta, Canada
Your Comments:I just wanted to let you know I dropped by your site and had a look around. I really enjoyed your photos and drawings. I did have one question though. I see in your drawings that you do mostly figures. Do you have any other subject matter (animals, landscapes, etc.) that you might be putting up on your site? That's all for now. Thanks again. :o) oh I also do some artwork, why don't you drop by and say hello?

Guestbook Entry #49
Visitor Name: Melissa
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Sault Ste. Marie MI, USA
Your Comments:I really enjoyed your black and white pictures. I also really liked your sketching of the hands.

Guestbook Entry #48
Visitor Name: LILY
HomePage url: 
You Are From: VEGAS, USA

Guestbook Entry #47
Visitor Name: Kevin Chan
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Hong Kong, China
Your Comments:I know very little about art, however, I do get a good feeling on your content at "Amit Bar Fine Art" web page. It's beautiful. Kevin Chan

Guestbook Entry #46
Visitor Name: Elan Agra
HomePage url: R.A.M. Software Engineering
You Are From: Kibbutz Eilon, Israel
Your Comments:Wonderful pictures

Guestbook Entry #45
Visitor Name: lenny gilbert
HomePage url: 
You Are From: w.palm bch , usa fl
Your Comments:very interesting work, i would like to see more and do appreciate the opportunity to view on the net.

Guestbook Entry #44
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Milwaukee, WI
Your Comments:Body painting, absolutely incredible. Some of them pulled me right into them, the colors, the poses, the flow it's all good. Also loved photos of the children. Would like to see more from you.

Guestbook Entry #43
Visitor Name: Brandi Ford
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Columbus,Ohio, United States
Your Comments:I really enjoyed your gallery, especially the body paint. I believe that humans themselves are masterpieces and using bodys as the work makes it very interesting, compelling and awesome. In a painting, you make the shapes, etc that you want to make. But using something that already has its own flexible shape, it adds a new level to the art. Good work.

Guestbook Entry #42
Visitor Name: Meg
HomePage url: 
You Are From: LaFayette, USA
Your Comments:I really enjoyed viewing oyur work. I'm very impreesed with how it was done.

Guestbook Entry #41
Visitor Name: To Gantu
HomePage url: not ready yet
You Are From: Lisbon, Portugal
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments: There are photographers and there are photographers...you belong to the second group :) Great stuff (loved the snapshots), thanks for sharing it.

Guestbook Entry #40
Visitor Name: Peter Moerman
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Kfar Hamaccabi, Israel
How did you found this site:Via vrienden en bekenden!
Your Comments:Shalom, Je natuur en landschap fotos doen me met weemoed aan Nederland terugdenken.

Guestbook Entry #39
Visitor Name: Matheous
HomePage url: Homepage of Matheous
You Are From: Philidelphia, USA
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments:I love your site! The body paint is so origional! Keep up the good work.

Guestbook Entry #38
Visitor Name: Karin
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Arnhem, Holland
How did you found this site:Net Stat
Your Comments:Ik ben jaloers, zulke foto's wil ik ook maken.

Guestbook Entry #37
Visitor Name: Ayhan Kutlu
HomePage url: b@b@T|-|0Rn
You Are From: Kocaeli, Turkey
How did you found this site:Yahoo/photography
Your Comments:nudity is not always sex...it is art , as seen on your website...

Guestbook Entry #36
Visitor Name: Chuck
HomePage url: n/a
You Are From: Orlando, FL, usa
How did you found this site:yahoo.com
Your Comments:Your nudes are stunning.

Guestbook Entry #35
Visitor Name: misty
HomePage url: 
You Are From: los angeles, united states
How did you found this site:i lookes under photography on yahoo
Your Comments:i love your page ..it has some great shoots i would like to see more if you have any. i love the pictures of the kids.

Guestbook Entry #34
Visitor Name: BARBARA
HomePage url: 
You Are From: , USA
How did you found this site:

Guestbook Entry #33
Visitor Name: pawan kumar agarwal
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Patna, India
How did you found this site:yahoo!
Your Comments:Good site.

Guestbook Entry #32
Visitor Name: Carole Marcoux
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Montréal, Canada
How did you found this site:
Your Comments:continue, (French) By by

Guestbook Entry #31
Visitor Name: Claire S.
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Bethesda, MD
How did you found this site:yahoo search
Your Comments:Wow. You are ceartainly a very talented artist. Your photos are stunning; very realistic as well as intriguing.

Guestbook Entry #30
Visitor Name: noam liron
HomePage url: 
You Are From: k. yakum, israel
How did you found this site:through yahoo...
Your Comments:nice website, liked the art...

Guestbook Entry #29
Visitor Name: Matthew Epperson
HomePage url: Red Afro's Home Page
You Are From: Springfield, Missouri, USA
How did you found this site:From Xoom's Art Community
Your Comments:Nice pictures. I've just started a b&w photography class at SMSU. I'm impressed with your site. I hope to have the time soon to get my site looking this good.

Guestbook Entry #28
Visitor Name: melissa minton and scott studer
HomePage url: 
You Are From: , U.S.A
How did you found this site:browsing
Your Comments:Hello- Me & my friend Scott just wanted to let you know that we are really impressed with your work! We think its very classy and sophisticated..loved it... melissa and scott.

Guestbook Entry #27
Visitor Name: Nicolas Vera Barros
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
How did you found this site:YAHOO.COM
Your Comments:Beautiful photos....continue with your publications.!!!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #26
Visitor Name: Marcos Flores
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Austin, USA
How did you found this site:By Chance
Your Comments:You Have Mad Skill!!!!!

Guestbook Entry #25
Visitor Name: edo sajmir
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Brno, Czech
How did you found this site:
Your Comments:Drawings is very nice. Eduard

Guestbook Entry #24
Visitor Name: Lucero Gonzalez
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Monterrey, Mexico
How did you found this site:
Your Comments:Simply wonderful!! This is art!

Guestbook Entry #23
Visitor Name: jorge oblitas
HomePage url: 
You Are From: bolivia, la paz
How did you found this site:very well
Your Comments:so wonderful work congratulations

Guestbook Entry #22
Visitor Name: Frederico
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Guararema, Brazil
How did you found this site:Surf'n'Yahoo
Your Comments:Cool, original, very nice. I enjoyed the photo collages so much.

Guestbook Entry #21
Visitor Name: hooter wah
HomePage url: 
How did you found this site:A HAPPY SURF DISCOVERY

Guestbook Entry #20
Visitor Name: eddy
HomePage url: joydiv's world
You Are From: ,
How did you found this site:nl.internet.www.announce
Your Comments:Prachtige fotografie, de landschappen hebben met een lichte voorsprong mijn voorkeur, maar echt, knap gedaan.

Guestbook Entry #19
Visitor Name: Soly Srour
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Suamico, USA
How did you found this site:Photography site
Your Comments:I am very impressed by your work. Have you published a printed book of some of your work. If so, I would be interested in having it as a reference book. Your photos demonstrate your sensitivity and excellent perspectives. Next time I travel to Europe I will try to visit your studio. Keep up the good work. Soly

Guestbook Entry #18
Visitor Name: Vanessa (Aviva) Landau (bat Yachil Baruch Halevi)
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Washington, DC, USA
How did you found this site:
Your Comments:I find your work enticing. You have an eye for what is interesting to the mind, making me want to look twice and three times. I appreciate the diversity of your work, i.e., children, landscape, nudes studies. Your manipulation of an image for collage is especially visionary.

Guestbook Entry #17
Visitor Name: sanjeev vidyarthi
HomePage url: 
You Are From: jaipur, india
How did you found this site:yahoo.com
Your Comments:nice work.

Guestbook Entry #16
Visitor Name: joop spiljard
HomePage url: 
You Are From: rozenburgzh, nl
How did you found this site:zoeken naar kunst en fotografie
Your Comments:Ik probeer te fotograveren zoals jij het doet om dat ik niet kan tekenen maar ik geloof nu dat ik ook niet kan fotograveren bedankt joop

Guestbook Entry #15
Visitor Name: Jan Ladage
HomePage url: Zwart wit naaktfotografie
You Are From: Leusden, NL
How did you found this site:Nedstat statistieken
Your Comments:Mooi werk. Zowel de foto's als de website zien er perfect en goed verzorgd uit. Complimenten.

Guestbook Entry #14
Visitor Name: Pitt Cruz
HomePage url: n.a.
You Are From: Las Pinas City, Philippines
How did you found this site:yahoo links
Your Comments:Great. Made in Heaven. A unique tribe on planet Earth.

Guestbook Entry #13
Visitor Name: Mayank
HomePage url: Mayank Raja's Homepage
You Are From: Bangalore, India
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments:Very nice and serene site. Especially the photographs. A truely artistic one. Keep it up.

Guestbook Entry #12
Visitor Name: Momir A.
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
How did you found this site:searching for photography on Yahoo
Your Comments:Very, very nice work. I realy enjoyed.

Guestbook Entry #11
Visitor Name: rainbow
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Brent, USA
How did you found this site:Web Surfing
Your Comments:Your photographs and drawings are amazing.They are beautiful. Thank you for posting them.

Guestbook Entry #10
Visitor Name: Michelle Rasmussen
HomePage url: 
You Are From: Vancouver, Canada
How did you found this site:yahoo
Your Comments:very beautiful. I really enjoyed viewing your work.

Guestbook Entry #9
Visitor Name: Hrayr Attarian
HomePage url: Gallerie Deja Vu
You Are From: Rochester, USA
How did you found this site:yahoo
Your Comments:I really liked your snap shot gallery. Your nudes are pretty good too.

Guestbook Entry #8
Visitor Name: Marianne
HomePage url: Marianne's homepage
You Are From: , NL
How did you found this site:through Nedstat
Your Comments:Maybe I don't need to say this, but I think your photo's are very good, especially I liked those of children, nature and landscapes!

Guestbook Entry #7
Visitor Name: Steven Kemp
HomePage url: Devilmusic
You Are From: Sacramento, United States
How did you found this site:Browsed here.
Your Comments:Beautiful pieces. You have an excellent eye. Your landscapes and nudes are beyond words. All I can say is...please keep doing what you are. Regards, Steven

Guestbook Entry #6
Visitor Name: tony maxwell
HomePage url: yahoo
You Are From: traralgon, australia
How did you found this site:browser
Your Comments:love the scenery shots

Guestbook Entry #5
Visitor Name: Ed Quigley
HomePage url: Photography by Edward J. Quigley
You Are From: Eastampton, USA
How did you found this site:What's New on Yahoo
Your Comments:Enjoyed reviewing your site. Very nice photography in all of your galleries.

Guestbook Entry #4
Visitor Name: Jennifer Hapgood
HomePage url: N/A
You Are From: Homer, USA
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments:Very nice pictures.

Guestbook Entry #3
Visitor Name: Franz Waldhaeusl
HomePage url: Nature and Wildlife Photography
You Are From: , Austria
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments:I like your page - and the pictures, of course. Excellent work - keep on doing this good job !!!

Guestbook Entry #2
Visitor Name: miriam bolder
HomePage url: 
You Are From: doetinchem, nl
How did you found this site:+++
Your Comments:tek. no. 3 vond ik prachtig. Wil ik ook graag een keer echt zien. Ik heb het al zo vaak gezegd en zeg het nu nog eens: ik kom gauw een keer langs. Gauw is relatief: voor 2000. groetjes Miriam

Guestbook Entry #1
Visitor Name: Doug Bailey
HomePage url: Doug's Personal Home page
You Are From: Burnaby, Canada
How did you found this site:Yahoo
Your Comments:Really liked your artwork. Excellent Photography!

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